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Police Share Surveillance Video, Timeline Of Dayton Mass Shooting

Dayton Police Lt. Paul Saunders shares new video evidence in the August 4 mass shooting.
City of Dayton
Dayton Police Lt. Paul Saunders shares new video evidence in the August 4 mass shooting.

New details are emerging about the investigation into the August 4 Oregon District mass shooting that left nine people dead.

At a press conference, police shared surveillance video from area businesses pinpointing the gunman’s movements leading up to the attack.

Officials say the Dayton gunman spent time with his sibling and a friend at Blind Bob’s before heading to Ned Pepper’s bar alone. Police Chief Richard Biehl says it’s likely the gunman was casing the bar.

After changing into body armor and picking up his weapon from the trunk of his car, which was parked behind Thai 9 in the Oregon District, the shooter opened fire on a crowd on Fifth Street outside Ned Peppers. In total, police say 17 people were treated for gunshot wounds. Nine victims sustained fatal wounds at the scene.

Although the gunman was wearing body armor, officers shot and killed him less than a minute after the attack began. 

“I would say that the body armor, because of the way it was worn, was vulnerable,” said Biehl. “And fortunately we were able to take advantage of that vulnerability.”

Drug paraphernalia was found on the gunman’s body, but it’s unclear whether he was intoxicated at the time of the attack. A toxicology report is expected from the Montgomery County Coroner’s office in two to six weeks.

Biehl says the gunman was spotted in the same area the night before the shooting.

“So what was his mindset then, I don't know,” said Biehl. “He was not unfamiliar with this area, and the fact he was there the night before, you certainly have to consider there was some thought being given to it at that time.”

Officials say it’s unlikely that the shooter’s companions that night knew about his plans.

A motive in the case has still not been determined.

“Motivation seems to suggest this specific location, this particular night, these individuals who were victims. That's not the level of clarity we have now,” said Biehl. “I think we have a lot of information about mindset, historical data about mindset and his progression, but that is the principal focus right now of the investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

The FBI investigation into the shooting is ongoing. On Monday, FBI officials said 24-year-old Ethan Kollie helped the Dayton gunman purchase body armor and weapons accessories used in the attack, and hide them from his parents. Kollie is charged with illegally owning firearms, and lying about his drug use on a federal form in order to acquire them. He’s expected to appear in court Wednesday. 

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