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Investigation Ongoing In Early Morning Mass Shooting In Dayton's Oregon District

Fifth Street in downtown Dayton will open to traffic after the 8pm vigil.
Jason Reynolds
Fifth Street in downtown Dayton will open to traffic after the 8pm vigil.

This is a developing story that will be updated.


Police are continuing to investigate a mass shooting in Dayton’s Oregon district overnight. 9 people were killed and 27 others were injured when a 24-year-old Bellbrook man opened fire outside Ned Peppers bar.

Police say the gunman drove downtown with his sister, who was later killed in the shooting. He wore body armour, ear protection, and a mask. He carried out the attack with an assault rifle that was purchased online.

Dayton Police officers on a routine patrol of the area shot and killed the suspect less than a minute after the attack began.

Killed in the attack were four women and five men. A majority of the victims were black. Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl says officials so far have no evidence to suggest the shooting was a hate crime.

"We are very, very early into this investigation. Any suggestion at this time of a motive would be irresponsible," said Biehl in a press conference. "We do not have sufficient information to answer the question everyone wants to know: why?"

City leaders have organized a prayer vigil for victims at 8 o’clock tonight in the Oregon District.

Families looking for information about loved ones can contact the Dayton Police Hotline at 937-333-8431. A family assistance center has been set up at the Dayton Convention Center. The FBI is asking anyone with photos or video of the shooting to share them via an online tipline: fbi.gov.daytonshooting.


Police say a 24 year old white male from a Dayton suburb fired on a crowd outside a popular bar in city’s downtown district. He wore body armor and a mask covering his face. Police on a routine patrol shot and killed the suspect in less than a minute. 

4 women and 5 men were killed in the early morning attack.
Lois Olglesby, 27.
Megan Betts, 22, the sister of the suspected shooter.
Saeed Saleh, 38.
Derrick Fudge, 57.
Logan Turner, 30.
Nicholas Cummer, 25.
Thomas McNichols, 25.
Beatrice Warren-Curtis, 36.
Monica Brickhouse, 39.

“I was in shock at first, you’re just in shock the whole time," says Anthony Reynolds was nearby when the shooting occurred. "You don’t understand what’s going on at first because you just hear one fire, two fire, and then it’s rapid fire. Then you understand what’s going on and you get fearful. So I just was running to my car and trying to tell as many people as I could to just go.”

Police have not disclosed a motive in the case.

Government officials, including U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and Governor Mike DeWine, have offered their condolences. 


Dayton Police are continuing to investigate a mass shooting in the city’s Oregon District overnight. Details are still emerging and police have not yet released the identity of the alleged shooter or the identity of the victims.

At least 10 people, including the shooter, have died. Another 27 people have been treated at Dayton area hospitals. A dozen victims remain hospitalized.

Police say the shooting suspect was wearing body armor and used an AK-like assault rifle (223 caliber) with high-capacity magazines.

Mayor Nan Whaley addressed reporters at a press conference.

"And now to be awakened in the middle of the night to a mass shooting and the 250th shooting in our country this year happening in Dayton, what really goes through my mind is one seems completely preventable. And I just question when is enough enough.”

Also there were police officials, including Deputy Chief Lt. Col. Matt Carper, City Manager Shelley Dickstein, City Commissioner Chris Shaw, religious leaders, and hospital officials from Kettering Health Network and Miami Valley Hospital. 
Miami Valley Hospital Trauma Surgeon Dr. Gregory Semon says the facility received a total of 16 patients, of which 12 have already been treated and released. Four patients are currently admitted and one remains in critical condition. Some of those patients have undergone or are expected to undergo surgery Sunday afternoon.  
Other patients were treated at three Kettering Health Network facilities, including Grandview Medical Center.
Hospital officials report the injuries include gunshot wounds, abdominal wounds and lacerations related to fleeing the scene.

City officials say a vigil is planned for downtown Dayton at 8pm. A location for the gathering has not yet been announced. 


At least 9 people are dead after a gunman opened fire outside a bar in Dayton’s Oregon District early Sunday morning.

Just after 1 a.m. a suspect wearing body armor and a face mask approached Ned Peppers, a popular bar at the heart of the district and began shooting. Police on a routine patrol shot and killed the gunman in less than a minute. But in that short time, at least 9 people were killed and 27 others were injured. The gunman has not been identified and there’s no word yet on motive, but police say he used a two twenty three high caliber magazine rifle.

Daniel Kamen was nearby when the shooting occurred, "We heard like very clear rapid gunfire, and we basically knew what happened as soon as we heard it because of what's been going on in our country."

Victims names have not been released, but officials say at least 4 people are in serious condition at area hospitals. Most victims are being treated for gunshot wounds, but others have injuries from escaping - cuts and scrapes. Some have been treated and released. Others are undergoing surgery.

At a press conference this morning, Mayor Nan Whaley praised Dayton Police and first responders, saying they saved quote “hundreds of lives.”

A prayer gathering has been organized at 1 p.m. at the Levitt Pavilion.

Families looking for information about loved ones can contact the Dayton Police Hotline at 937-333-8431. A family assistance center has been set up at the Dayton Convention Center.

WYSO is postponing Shakin’ Dave Husson’s retirement celebration, originally scheduled for this afternoon at Yellow Cab Tavern. 

At least nine people have been killed in an overnight shooting in the Oregon District in downtown Dayton, and the suspected shooter is also deceased, police said.

Dayton police tweeted that an active shooter situation began in the Oregon District at 1 a.m., but officers nearby were able to "put an end to it quickly." Lt. Col. Matt Carper said at a press conference that the suspect was shot to death by responding officers.

At least 16 others were taken to local hospitals with injuries, police said. No details about the victims have been released.

Police believe there was only one shooter, and have not yet identified the suspect or a motive. Carper said the suspect used a long gun and fired multiple rounds.

"This is extremely unusual, obviously, for any community, let alone Dayton," Carper said. "In our Oregon District, this is unheard of."

The FBI is assisting with the investigation. A family assistance center was set up at the Dayton Convention Center, and Dayton Police Department has established hotline numbers for families and friends:

  • 937-333-8431
  • 937-333-8421
  • 937-333-8428

"I'm heartbroken," Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley tweeted around 6 a.m. Sunday, thanking first responders for their efforts.

In a statement Governor Mike DeWine says:

"Fran and I are absolutely heartbroken over the horrible attack that occurred this morning in Dayton. We join those across Ohio and this country in offering our prayers to victims and their families. I have spoken with Mayor Nan Whaley and offered any assistance on behalf of the state. I have been briefed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol has offered assistance to local law enforcement as they investigate this heinous act. I commend Dayton Police and other first responders for their bravery and quick response to save lives and bring an end to this tragedy."
This shooting comes hours after a man opened fire in a crowded El Paso, Texas, shopping area, leaving 20 dead and more than two dozen injured. Just days before, on July 28, a 19-year-old shot and killed three people, including two children, at Northern California's Gilroy Garlic Festival.

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