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WYSO, the Dayton Metro Library and local social service agency, Rebuilding Together Dayton, have come together for a very special project. We’ve gathered the memories and wise words of Dayton’s elders for Senior Voices, a new series that is airing throughout 2018. We present them to you in honor of the life experiences and wisdom of Dayton elders.

Senior Voices: Tim Kambitsch

Today on Senior Voices, Library Director and Dayton native Tim Kambitsch remembers the neighborhood visitor that helped inspire his career. Kambitsch shared his story with Dayton Metro Library volunteer interviewer, Cynthia Wallace-King.


Tim Kambitsch:  Well, I grew up actually in East Dayton, my mother and father, they had a home on Wellmeier, which is just off of Linden Avenue in East Dayton, it was in the St. Anthony’s parish, because we were a Catholic family growing up. My mom and her brothers and sisters grew up on Xenia Avenue, not far away from there, and so when we grew up in our family we first started out on Wellmeier, and that house is one that is still standing, so our family, we often times drive by that house and see how it’s doing, and it’s actually, and that house is doing in pretty good shape.

One of the things that occurred that was important for our lives was that we moved to Wyoming Street when I was about five years old. I can still remember before I was five, so I remember the old house, but the house on Wyoming Street was across the street from an empty lot, and this empty lot actually had the bookmobile coming to it, the library’s bookmobile came to that spot every couple of weeks, and I can still remember, I could’ve been 5-6 years old, about that age, and looking out, I think it was the attic window or second story window, and seeing that the bookmobile had arrived, and didn’t know that it was there, I just saw that it had shown up there, and it was so exciting that the library bookmobile had come to my house, and that came for all my childhood until I was in high school, and then the library built a branch there, which helped solidify the tradition of libraries in our family.

This interview was edited by Community Voices producer and Senior Voices project coordinator Jocelyn Robinson. Senior Voices is a collaboration between the Dayton Metro Library, Rebuilding Together Dayton, and WYSO. This series is made possible through the generous support of the Del Mar Healthcare Fund of the Dayton Foundation. 


Jocelyn Robinson is a Yellow Springs, Ohio-based educator, media producer, and radio preservationist. As an educator, Robinson has taught transdisciplinary literature courses incorporating critical cultural theory and her scholarship in self-definition and identity. She also teaches community-based and college-level classes in digital storytelling and narrative journalism.