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WYSO's Sonic 60th: Koko Taylor at Gilly’s


It’s been 60 years since WYSO went on the air and we’re listening back to some highlights from our rare audio collection.

When WYSO went on the air, most of what you heard was classical music. Programs like Music of Spain, High Fidelity Concert and a nightly show called Land of the Quiet Mind, where you could hear Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and those guys.

In the 1960s came more jazz, rock, folk, bluegrass and more live performances.

Here is a 1979 recording from our archives of Chicago’s Koko Taylor—known as Queen of the Blues—on stage with her Blues Machine at the legendary club, Gilly’s in Dayton. She’s clearly got her mojo workin’.

Archival audio produced in 1979 by produced by Larry Blood, Dave Barber, and the late Chuck Ganzert.

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