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Husted Weighs In On Voter Fraud Investigation

Statehouse New Bureau

President Donald Trump says he thinks millions of illegal votes were cast in the November election though there hasn’t been any confirmation of that. So he is calling for a major investigation to look into votes, particularly those in California and New York.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says there is no reason for the federal government to focus on ballots cast here because his office already does post-election investigations into claims of voter fraud and suppression.

“We’ve done one after each general election since I’ve been Secretary of State,” he says.

He says voter fraud is rare in Ohio and in most cases, most people are caught in the process before their votes are actually counted. Husted says voter rolls are updated weekly. And he says if the federal government wants to help, it should allow Ohio to access the homeland security database and require all states to cross match their voter rolls.