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Veteran Journalist To Share Experiences With Dayton Council On World Affairs


Veteran Washington journalist Sid Davis has witnessed many of the most pivotal events in recent American political history. In a run-up to his upcoming speech at the Dayton Council on World Affairs, on January 20th, Davis talked to WYSO about his distinguished career, particularly his fascinating and detailed account of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, and the swearing in of President Lyndon Johnson, the state of journalism today, and his advice for President-elect Donald Trump.


Journalist Sid Davis accompanied President Kennedy to Dallas on November 22, 1963 as a pool reporter. He served with the US Navy, 1946-1948; White House correspondent Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Washington, 1959-1968; chief Washington news bureau, 1968-1977; Director news NBC News, Washington, 1977-1979, bureau chief, 1979-1980, vice president and bureau chief, 1980-1982, senior Washington correspondent, 1982-1987.

Davis also served as Director office programs Voice of America, 1987-1994, Direct News and other worldwide programming for VOA's English and 45 other languages. Guest scholar Brookings Institution, Washington, 1994-1996; Lecturer, writer on media and presidency, 1996-1997. Writer, lecturer on media and the presidency and television's impact on public policy, since 1997.