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Centerville and Sugarcreek Reach Tentative Emergency Services Agreement

 of the Cornerstone development near I-675 in Centerville. Costco opened there in November 2014.
Oberer Companies

After a years-long dispute, Sugarcreek Township and the city of Centerville have come to a tentative agreement about emergency services for Cornerstone of Centerville, the development that houses Costco and several other businesses.

Before major construction on Cornerstone of Centerville began back in 2014, representatives from the development company, the city of Centerville and Sugarcreek township tried to work out how the new tax revenue would be divided. Centerville and the developer said they reached an agreement. Sugarcreek denied this, saying they weren’t given enough money to provide fire service to Cornerstone. And, Centerville doesn’t have it’s own fire department.

So, Sugarcreek tried to create a fire district excluding Cornerstone, to avoid servicing the development.  After a judge forced them to provide service, they tried to get the issue on the ballot. It was set to go before voters this fall, until Friday, when the City and Township jointly announced that they had reached a tentative agreement.

There have been numerous attempts at mediation over the past few years. Details of their agreement aren’t yet being released. Parties say they won’t comment on the matter until all aspects of the compromise have been decided.



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