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Local Bird Rescue Group Seeks Non-profit Status

Avian World Rescue Kingdom is a bird rescue organization that is currently home to about twenty-one exotic bird species, including Cockatoos, McCaw’s and other varieties. They all have stories, and in this excerpt from WYSO Weekend, you'll hear about some of them and meet the organization's leaders, Doug Edwards and Haley Willis. 


The birds that live at Avian World Rescue Kingdom are well cared for. It isn’t easy and most of the expenses are paid by Edwards, with help from a small network of people who help find adopters for the birds. Now Edwards and Willis are trying to get a 501c3 status for Avian.

Whether or not the non-profit status comes through for them, Doug and Haley will keep rescuing as many birds as they can. Doug says in the four years he’s been at it, close to 60 birds have been rehabilitated and adopted into good homes.