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New Climate Change Plan Gives Ohio Until 2030 To Cut Emissions

Analogue Kid
via Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons licensing

The White House has come out with a sweeping strategy meant to mitigate the effects of climate change. The so-called Clean Power Plan requires every state to play a role in cutting carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Ohio gets 70 percent of its electricity from coal. The plan calls on the state to reduce its carbon emissions by about 28 percent by 2030. Environmental groups say the plan will go a long way toward curbing greenhouse gases. 

But Christian Palich with the Ohio Coal Association says the plan will hurt the state. 

“Ohio’s unique in that we have a great manufacturing and business infrastructure that relies on affordable energy that coal provides. And with this plan that is going to be significantly reduced,” Palich said. 

The states are in charge of creating their own compliance plans. But Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler says he wants a legal review of the rules to make sure the White House isn’t overstepping its authority.