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Ohio House Begins Budget Talks

After two months, Republicans who lead the Ohio House will unveil their version of Gov. John Kasich’s two year budget this week. 

The House version of the $72 billion budget is likely to include a tax cut, but it may not be the 23 percent across the board cut that Kasich had proposed. House leaders have not embraced the governor’s ideas to pay for tax cuts with increases in other taxes, such as those on cigarettes and oil and gas drillers, and the hike in the state sales tax and the commercial activity tax or CAT.

Another thing that’s likely in the House budget – a total revamp of the governor’s proposed school funding formula. He had said his plan required districts with high property wealth and high incomes to pay more, and the resulting plan brought cuts to half of the state’s more than 600 public school districts. The House budget will be released on Tuesday, with hearings planned for the rest of the week and a vote likely next week.