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LGBT Organization Launches 'Big' Ad Campaign

A Dayton non-profit has launched a billboard campaign highlighting issues like LGBT homelessness and suicide.

The group, Have A Gay Day, Inc., says they have put up 13 billboard ads south of Dayton that feature slogans like “Hate is Not Holy” and “Adoption Should be Based on What’s in Your Heart.”

Founder and Executive Director Michael Knote says the ads are a simple way to bring up LGBT issues that don’t always get talked about.   

“The thought process of going into this was to give visibility to things that normally don’t get visibility," he said. "Normally people automatically think “gay” and they think “marriage” or they think they want equality because of tax purposes or adoption, or something that is very basic."

Knote says billboads like the "Hate is Not Holy" have gained some attention and at first, people might think there is hate behind the message. But, he contends, if someone sees the ad and visits their website, they'll find a list of faith groups where they can find acceptance.

A rash of suicides by young LGBT youth across the country several years ago inspired Knote to form Have A Gay Day, Inc., now a 501c3 organization.


To fund the ad campaign, Knote put out a call to the group’s Facebook followers—more than 700,000.  It took three days to raise $1,700 for the first campaign.  


The group continues to fundraise for the next phase of the ad campaign, which Knote says will feature new messages and expand beyond LGBT issues.


Note: Hear the full interview with Michael Knote this Sunday morning at 10:00 on WYSO Weekend