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Ohio Students Celebrate MLK In Annual Contest

James Oram won first place in his division at Ohio's annual oratory contest celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

For 15 years, kids around the state have honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by competing in an annual oratory contest with a theme inspired by the civil rights leader. 

Last week, an audience came together in a downtown Columbus church to hear the winners perform their entries. The theme was building a loving, nonviolent community. The winner of the youngest division is first grader James Oram of Columbus, whose essay explained why King is his hero.

“Martin Luther King was brave. He didn’t give up his dream because he was afraid. Martin Luther King was kind; he didn’t start fights when he got angry. Martin Luther King was smart. People from all over the world went to hear his speeches.” 

The full performance and celebration is available on The Ohio Channel website. Several events to commemorate the Martin Luther King holiday are planned around the state, including a breakfast gathering in Columbus that’s one of the largest in the nation.