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Gay Marriage Supporters Push For Legalization In Springfield

Wayne Baker

The latest Town Hall style meeting regarding marriage equality in Ohio took place  in Springfield Wednesday. Leaders from two organizations fighting to make gay marriage legal in Ohio discussed how the next two years will be crucial in making that dream a reality.

Why Marriage Matters Ohio and Equality Ohio have held several Town Hall style meetings to push for legalizing gay marriage.

"When we get marriage equality in Ohio, and it's not a question of if, it's a question of when," says Michael Premo, campaign manager of Why Marriage Matters.  "When we get it, that's the ballgame because we will have shown that you can win marriage equality in state's across the country and that no state is off limits."

Premo says that the scars of the 2004 ballot loss in Ohio for equal marriage have healed and the time is right to try again, but better communication will be the key to getting it passed.

"We're planning to go to the ballot in 2016 unless of course the Supreme Court comes in in the meantime and tells us that we're done in which that will be happy day, but the biggest thing that everybody can do to help increase support for marriage equality is to talk to their family and friends," he said.

Why Marriage Matters and Equality Ohio plan to continue the Town Hall style meeting around the state in order to gain more support before the 2016 election.