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Miami Valley School Levies A Mixed Bag In Nov. 5, 2013 Election

As in past years, new or additional taxes and levies for Miami Valley school districts proved more difficult to pass than renewals. Almost all renewals passed, with the exception of Jefferson Township, which defeated a renewal levy for the schools' operating expenses.

Montgomery County's other levies were a mixed bag with many tight margins for additional levies. Centerville, Kettering, Oakwood and Vandalia-Butler all passed additional levies, while Brookville and Huber Heights both defeated levies; in Huber Heights the margin was particularly wide.

Full Unofficial Results (will be updated as we receive new information):

Butler County:

Fairfield NO 53.20% (facilities ; additional; .50)

Middletown NO 52.15% (facilities; additional; .26)

Lakota YES 50.45% (operating; additional; 5.50)

Champaign County:

Triad (one levy for operating expenses YES 53.99%, one for improvements NO 65.20%; renewal and new; .01)

Graham YES 55.39% (permanent improvements; renewal; 1.50)

Mechanicsburg YES 53.36% (permanent improvements; renewal; 5.00)

Urbana YES 61.56% (permanent improvements; renewal; 3.50)  

Clark County:

Northeastern NO 52.17% (current expenses; new income tax; .01%)

Clark-Shawnee NO 51.11% (avoid a deficit; additional; 7.59)

Tecumseh NO 54.47%(emergency; additional; 12.37)

Clinton County:

Clinton-Massie(current expenses; new income tax; .01%) NO 68.63%

Greene County:

Beavercreek TOO CLOSE TO CALL(emergency; additional; 6.30)

Yellow Springs YES - 80.98%(permanent improvements; renewal; 1.20)

Miami County:

Troy (general improvements; renewal; 1.10) YES; final count pending

Montgomery County:

Brookville NO 50.97% (current expenses; additional; 4.80)

Centerville YES 51.17% (emergency; additional; 5.90)

Huber Heights NO 62.84% (current operating expenses; additional; 5.95)

Jefferson Township NO 55.61% (current operating expenses; renewal; 5.50)

Kettering YES 53.69% (current expenses; additional; 4.89)

Oakwood YES 57.68% (current expenses; additional; 5.75)

Vandalia-Butler YES 50.39% (current expenses; additional; 6.99)

Preble County:

Eaton Community YES 64.03% (current expenses; renewal income tax; 0.75%)

Tri-County North NO 55.16% (current expenses; new income tax; 1.00%)

Twin Valley YES 56.65%(current expenses; new income tax; 0.75%)

Warren County:

Lebanon YES 53.66% (building and maintenance; additional; .50)

Franklin NO 58.09% (current expenses; additional; 7.92)

Springboro YES 75.88% (emergency; renewal; 8.78)

Wayne  YES 64.74% (current expenses; renewal; 14.05)