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Poll: Boehner Faces Opposition From Constituents

A poll conducted by the conservative publication Human Events and Gravis Marketing, indicates that Speaker of the House John Boehner is facing opposition from constituents in his home distict.

Gravis says they contacted more than 1,120 registered republican voters living in Boehner's Ohio district and found that about half of the respondents said they would welcome a challenger to the Speaker in the 2014 congressional race.

Also among the polls findings - 54 percent opposed U.S. military involvement in the Syrian conflict. 29 percent were undecided and 17 percent were in favor.

Doug Kaplan, CEO at Gravis Marketing says the survey indicates a significant problem for Speaker Boehner.

Kaplan says, "this is a big thing for Boehner because he’s going against eighty percent of his voters,"  adding that, "People do not want him to vote for this particular military action.  People are very concerned and skeptical about it.”

Speaker Boehner has voiced support for limited military action against Syria. 

The Gravis Poll also suggests about 65 percent of those polled want the Speaker to take steps to defund the President’s healthcare law, known as Obamacare, and about 45 percent overall think Boehner isn’t effective in advancing conservative issues. 22 percent polled disagreed.

Gravis says they contacted twice the number registered voters than are normally polled and say the poll has a + or – 2% margin of error.