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Mumford And Sons Hits Troy With Economic Benefits And Mustaches

(WYSO/Lewis Wallace)

Miami County is preparing for a major tour stop by UK folk stars Mumford and Sons this weekend. The city of Troy, population 25,000, is anticipating an influx of 40,000 people and at least $12 million in new revenues for the region.

By Wednesday, downtown Troy was already overrun with semi trucks, workers, and, believe it or not, mustaches. Inside Hittle’s Jewelry, owner Jenny Nimer showed off her display of mustachioed jewelry, complete with what she called “bling.”

"We're just getting ready for all the hoopla downtown," she said. The city is expecting 10,000 campers across town and on the levees. The mustache is the informal tour logo, and bling is just the beginning. Troy was also sporting mustache bread, sculptures and stencils.

Local organizers from Troy Main Street and the Miami County Chamber of Commerce said the event is bringing far more attention and money than Troy’s yearly Strawberry Festival. And they said Mumford and Sons’ producers worked closely with them to contract with locals for everything from porta potties to performance spots on day stages.

Down the street at Winan’s chocolate shop, owner Joe Reiser and a crew of staff were setting up chocolates and merchandise

"We have been in full gear since February when it was first announced," Reiser said. He's bringing in workers from his other stores. And he’s giving them mustaches. "When you came in, I have an app on my phone that puts mustaches on people and I was putting it on all of our employees and putting it on Facebook."