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Thousands Rally For Medicaid Expansion at the Ohio Statehouse

An estimated two thousand five hundred Ohioans stood out in the pouring rain at the state’s capitol today to do one thing – send a message to lawmakers to expand Medicaid in the state budget.

Democrats, Union leaders, Faith leaders of many different churches and leaders of business groups rally at the Ohio Statehouse….holding signs and chanting to lawmakers inside the building.

The 2500 Ohioans from all parts of the state stand out in pouring rain to make their voices heard.  Many say they personally need the medical coverage.  But some business leaders, like Matt Davis with the Cincinnati U.S.A. Regional Chamber, say there’s another reason lawmakers should pass the Medicaid expansion plan: jobs. 

"They are worried about the future and whether rising health care costs will affect their ability to hire, raise wages or at a minimum, maintain their current staffing letters," says Davis.

Conservative Activist Chris Littleton says Medicaid expansion plan would not be good for workers and save money for the state either.  He says a few other states that have expanded Medicaid have not realized cost savings.

"We saw a shift from private insurance where people were paying privately for it then when they were eligible for government insurance, all we saw was people move from one place to another," says Littleton.

For his part, Governor Kasich, a backer of the Medicaid expansion plan, is pleased with the efforts by those who are pushing for the program.