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TAC Industries Loses Jobs to Sequestration

A Clark County business has been forced to layoff employees due to sequestration. TAC Industries has cut 17 production and office workers due to the loss of revenue from government contracts.

TAC Industries CEO Mary Brandstetter says the sequestration process has caused her company to see an 82 percent decrease in a military cargo net manufacturing contract. Dropping revenue from $6 and a half million to $1 and a quarter million.

Job and Family Services of Clark County have stepped in to help the 17 laid off workers.

Lehan Peters, deputy director with the JFS, says the response team is working with the Dayton Job Center, Wright-Patterson Base Commander and the Dayton Development Coalition to prepare for more defense-related cuts.

"If indeed there are significant layoffs, we would approach this as a wrap around service and delivery of rapid response services as a region. It would not be just locally,it would be as a region. And that would include Greene County, Montgomery County, Clark County, most likely Clinton County. So Any of those contiguous counties where you have a majority of the people that are employed at the base," Peters said.

Besides the 17 layoffs, TAC Industries is also planning wage cuts to 90 employees and a mandatory furlough day in the next two months.