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Kasich Will Unveil His School Funding Plan This Week, Culminating In Town Hall Thursday

This week, Gov. John Kasich releases his long-awaited school funding formula to school superintendents and officials, and then statewide in a live virtual town hall meeting Thursday night. Details are scarce but there is a lot of speculation on what might be in this plan.

Gov. Kasich has referred to his formula several times, including in a speech last month.

“We’re going to come out with a whole new school funding program designed to make sure that a child who lives in one zip code, even if the zip code is poor, will have the resources necessary for them to compete with a child who lives in another zip code where there might be great wealth. Every kid deserves a fighting chance,” said Kasich.

But he hasn’t put forward any more details on how that might happen. Bill Phillis is with the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding, which sued the state in the 90s over the way it pays for public education.

“If that is the goal, then the state must be willing and able to open up the purse strings and put a tremendously increased priority on education funding at the state level,” says Phillis.

But others are hoping the governor is hinting at more moves toward school choice.