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Former Congressman Returns To Dayton, Fast To Showcase Hunger Issues

Former Democratic Congressman Tony Hall was in Dayton today to promote awareness for the hungry. He's been fasting for 18 days, drinking water and some juice and he plans to continue the fast until the end of next week. Hall said he's fasting for three reasons. One is to remind Americans about the hunger issues in the country and to urge people to action, or what he calls a circle of protection. The third reason was political. Hall says he's been concerned about what's happening in Washington, and in particular, discussion over proposed budget cuts that he says will hurt our most vulnerable citizens.

"You know they're considering these budget deficits where we do have to cut. There is no question about it. We need to be fiscally responsible. But the poor, and the sick and the hurting and the hungry didn't cause this mess and you can't balance the budget on their backs," says Hall.

In Montgomery County alone, nearly 90 thousand people receive food stamps, according to the latest numbers from the county's job and family services department. Hall was the congressman for Ohio's third district for over 20 years. Now, he's the executive director of the faith based organization Alliance to End hunger. He made his comments this morning at the House of Bread in downtown Dayton.