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As Federal Programs End, Evictions Expected To Rise

Greg Womacks on a video interview call speaking about eviction rates. He has short white hair and glasses, and is wearing a blue shirt. A bookshelf and a window with closed blinds is behind him.
Kristin Stratman
Greg Womacks is the executive director of the Neighborhood Housing Partnership of Greater Springfield.

With the federal moratorium ending, experts say that within a month or to evictions are expected to spike.

In a typical year, about 550 properties are foreclosed on in Clark County. But since the federal freeze on evictions began in 2020, fewer than 100 have gone through foreclosure.

Greg Womacks, executive director of the Neighborhood Housing Partnership of Greater Springfield, says he expects this number to spike now that the moratoriums are ending.

“We fully anticipate that within a month or two we will see a huge increase in foreclosure filings,” said Womacks.

Neighborhood Housing Partnership provides housing counseling to homeowners and to people looking to buy their first homes.

“We basically will look at their situation, their individual situation, help them communicate with their financial institution, for example to work on a loan modification, that will keep them in their home and caught up and back in good status,” said Womacks.

Earlier this month, the organization received a grant of almost $150,000 from the federal government. Womacks says the funds will go to provide coaching to people facing foreclosure and help keep them in their homes.