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Senator Brown Touts Success Of Federal Child Tax Credits

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Kristin Stratman
Virtual Roundtable members discuss the federal child tax credits

Ohio senator Sherrod Brown held a virtual roundtable last week to discuss the impact the federal child tax credits are having on families in Ohio. At the roundtable, he said the extra money has helped families cover their basic expenses.

“A number of families have said, ‘you know, at the end of every month I’ve got to cut back on food and other things so I’ve got the money to pay my rent’ cause as one woman said ‘the rent eats first,’” said Brown.

At the event Robin Robertson, a mother of four in Dayton, said the tax credit has helped her keep up with her kids’ needs.

“Taking care of kids, anything can happen. They sign up for a new club, they sign up for a new sport, need food, need clothes, kids grow so much that you have to make sure that you’re providing for them,” said Robinson.

Patrick Clarke is an educator in Greater Cincinnati. Clarke says when families don’t have to struggle with finances, their kids are able to do better in school.

“They’re not, maybe, so focused on their lowest hierarchy of needs like food, shelter, clothing, that when they come to school they’re being provided for at home and it makes our jobs even more worthwhile,” said Clarke.

The families of over two million Ohio children are eligible to receive the credit.