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Miami Valley Music Focus explores the places and people behind the music of Southwest, Ohio.

Bounce with this Ladi: an educator and DJ talks lessons plans and playlists

Local educator by day and DJ in the evening. This is the life and story of Nikki Webb, aka Ladi Bounce. This well-connected and long-time Dayton resident creates lesson plans and playlists, both with equal amounts of passion.

How did Webb/Bounce come by both professions, seeing as there’s no real link between the two?

According to her, her love of music is in her DNA: “My father is Fred 'The Boss,' and he was a famous DJ in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. He had a radio show on WBLZ and also on WDAO with his partner Mack J 'The Brother,' and the two of them traveled all over DJing together.

My father also DJed at Roller World Bus Stop, Skateworld, and two rinks in Cincinnati. Along with the rinks and the radio, my dad supplied the music for school events (he had an exclusive contract with Dayton Public Schools), weddings, parties, reunions, you name it. My brother used to be his assistant, and when he turned 12, he decided he didn't want to do it anymore and I took his place. I was 10 years old when I started being my dad's assistant. I was so excited when I got the chance to work with my dad.”

Bounce also works in the educational field, “I am the Special Education Coordinator and the Intervention Specialist at Dayton Business Technology High School. I have two titles because I perform two jobs. As the Special Education Coordinator, my job is to provide academic and behavior support for those students who may not qualify to receive Special Education Services, either due to age (too old) or not having a diagnosed disability. As the Intervention Specialist, I have a caseload of 24 students max who qualify for special education services due to being diagnosed with a disability. I am starting my 5th year at Dayton Business Technology High School.”

It’s obvious that Bounce has a passion for education and development. She confirmed this, “As an educator, I love making a difference in the lives of children. When they have that 'light bulb' moment as a result of something I did, [it's] the most amazing feeling. I have taught special education for my entire career (over 18 years) and although it is challenging, it brings me so much joy. “

So, if this is the case, what compelled her to start a new endeavor as a DJ? Bounce broke it down: “My dad and I were partners for over 30 years. In that time, we were such a great team! We thought alike, we programmed, and always had so much fun. After he passed of Covid complications in October 2020, I thought I would never play music for the people ever again. I was devastated!

Our good friend, Cooley the Curator, DJs at The Barrel House for Funk Friday the first Friday of every month. He caught Covid and was unable to DJ for September 2021, and he asked me to fill in for him. The Barrel House staff loved what I did that they presented me with the opportunity to have my own night. I humbly accepted my dream job. I have my own night every third Friday of the month and I even have my own hashtag, #FenomFriday. I am so thankful for the opportunity to keep my dad's legacy alive.“

It’s easy to assume that Ladi Bounce has plenty of fans since she started playing at The Barrel House. Her biggest fan, however, has to be her husband, who happens to be a local hip-hop legend and musician in his own right, Picket Fence.

“[My husband] is my biggest fan and supporter. He encourages me to keep my father's legacy going. He has become my manager and biggest promoter. He had my logo custom designed by Juan Atomz of Atomic Arts and he has obtained stickers, a tablecloth, cards, coasters, shirts and anything else you could think of with my logo on it. Music is our life so to be able to do what we love and share it with the world has been the best feeling ever! Being able to share our love of music helps to keep us bonded.”

So, how can you see and party with Ladi Bounce?

“The Third Friday of every month at The Barrel House, 417 E. Third Street Dayton, Ohio. I also post the playlist from each Fenom Friday on Spotify. I usually get the playlist posted the very next day so if you miss it or want to keep the vibe going it's available for free! “

When asked where she saw her DJ adventure going, Bounce answered, “To keep rocking the crowds at The Barrel House and maybe take on a few gigs here and there just like my dad. I'm open to wherever my passion and love for music take me!”

Miami Valley Music Focus explores the places and people behind the music of Southwest, Ohio. This series is made possible by support from Ohio Arts Council.

Greg Simms Jr. is a veteran content creator and cultural expert who's worked for numerous digital publications over the years. He's a resident of Greene County, but he's always aware of social-cultural events happening all over the Miami Valley. To contact Greg, email him at: grgsmmsjr@gmail.com