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Entries We Love: Jordan Lindley, 'Dust'

Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.

Pairs well with: Choosing to not be the bigger person

Being bitter is frowned upon more often than not, but in this entry Jordan Lindley's animosity is the central wheel spinning this sneering song about getting left by an ex. Accompanied by a simple, strummed guitar pattern, "Dust" shines a light on all of the dark, negative and very human emotions that occur during the stages of a breakup. (Especially if you thought they would be The One™.) "Don't be kind enough to leave me / I'm so in love, I don't need you to love me / Don't go, rent's cheaper the longer we're in it / You'll regret it / Maybe you won't," Lindley sings, timid. In its last verse the song shifts from a fragile outpour of denial and desperation to disconcerting spite and revenge, as Lindley dreams of when his ex comes crawling back. "When you get close / I'll be a mouse trap / Disintegrate you / You deserve that / I can't wait."

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Ashley Pointer
Ashley Pointer is a news assistant for NPR Music.