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Entries We Love: LouTribe Jigg, 'I AM'

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.

Pairs well with: A victory lap

LouTribe Jigg raps with an effortless flow reminiscent of André 3000. In his Tiny Desk Contest entry, Jigg nods to his hometown pride, sporting a St. Louis Cardinals windbreaker as he repeats, "running through the hood like fee fi 314-fum," and weaves in clever wordplay, rhyming "all these itty bitty spiders always trying to doubt 'em / then I see 'em climbing up and I water spout 'em." When Jigg does take a breath to slow down, his lyrics are just as satisfying: "I told 'em before I'm just a man of understanding / who can't stand under no man / I am what I am and what I think about expands / Manifesting my future into the palm of my hands / Who am I?," he asks. But when DJ Domo picks up the beat again, Jigg stifles a smile and raps with the assuredness of an artist who knows just who he is and where he's going.

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Elle Mannion