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WYSO Names New Music Director

Juliet Fromholt, long-time music host and director of digital and programming strategy at WYSO 91.3 FM, will begin leading the radio station’s music department on July 1. She assumes this position after 15 years with WYSO and as the music department is broadening its reach and becoming a key part of the station’s listener growth strategy.

Fromholt came to WYSO in 2006 as a volunteer music host. Since then, she has worn many hats, including webmaster, digital strategy developer and even Clark County reporter. She says she is thrilled to be able to focus solely on strengthening WYSO’s music department. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to grow our musical presence while providing support to our ongoing programs,” she says. “WYSO already is a destination for music discovery, and we have so much potential to serve our local community through music on the air, online and in person.”

WYSO General Manager Luke Dennis says Fromholt was a natural choice for this leadership role. She has always programmed music for her weekly WYSO shows, “Kaleidoscope” and “Alpha Rhythms,” and she regularly books in-studio performances. “Also, she just ‘gets’ WYSO,” Dennis says. “Few people have as well-rounded an understanding of this station, its audience and its mission.” Fromholt also has deep connections in the region’s music scene. “She has earned the respect of the local music community because she recognizes and knows how to spotlight emerging and veteran musicians,” Dennis says. “She also has strong relationships with public radio music stations across the country, always learning from what they’re doing and bringing great ideas back to WYSO.”

Fromholt is proud that the mix of local and national music on WYSO—from funk to bluegrass to rock—satisfies a wide range of musical tastes. “I’m excited to deepen our commitment to our listeners and our local musicians and venues and to continue to make WYSO a destination for great music,” she says.

“This is a time of big, exciting changes for WYSO music,” Dennis says. In February, Evan Miller became the new host of Excursions. Just prior to that, the station expanded its mid-day music programming to five hours, brought back the nationally hosted show “World Cafe” and revised the Saturday night lineup to create seven hours of bluegrass, roots and Americana music. “As a hybrid format station, offering news/talk and music in equal measure, I believe that our music shows are our best opportunity to attract new listeners,” he adds. “Who doesn’t want to discover their next favorite song, their next favorite artist? And once we get a new listener’s attention through music, that listener is more likely to stick around to discover the enlightening and entertaining news and storytelling programs we offer.”

Filling the role formerly held by Niki Dakota, Fromholt will lead a team of two staff music hosts and 10 volunteer hosts. She will oversee the development of new, local music shows; as well as dynamic new partnerships with music venues, arts organizations and other creative media outlets. This summer WYSO will hire a digital producer to take over Fromholt’s website and social media management duties.

"I've always been proud to be part of WYSO's community service mission," Fromholt says. "And I'm so looking forward to shaping the way we can serve our community with great music."