Live on Excursions: Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

Feb 19, 2010


Jay Ungar and Molly Mason stop by Excursions to chat with Niki Dakota and to demonstrate their wonderful brand of American Folk music.

Jay and Molly first met during the 1970s and were eventually wed in 1991 and have been playing together since. The duo (utilizing folk standard of fiddle, guitar and piano) play a wide variety of folk music ranging from Appalachian, Cajun, and Celtic. The duo even branches into golden age swing and country occasionally. The duo plays with an expertise and cohesiveness that is almost unparalleled in the folk music world.

During their chat with Niki, the duo talks about their work with nonprofits and youth programs, their history of performing together, and the powerful connection between music and nature. Performances by the duo include “The Trailblazers”, “Wildflower”, and “Take Me Back to Old Yazoo” on this installment of Excursions.