Congressman Mike Turner (R-10) is flanked by Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer (left), Green County Sheriff Gene Fischer (right) and other law enforcement officials at a press conference at WPAFB.
Morgan Rako (Congressman Mike Turner)

WPAFB False Active-Shooter Investigation Continues But Officials Still Offer Few Details

Officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base continue to investigate how an Aug. 2 training exercise turned into a mistaken active-shooter situation. They have convened an official Incident Review Board to assess what went wrong during the incident, and Republican Congressman Mike Turner met Wednesday with top brass from the 88th Air Base Wing and non-base law enforcement officials. But few details about the incident have yet been released.

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Andy Grimm

'Rally For Recovery' In 5th Year Offering Support For Families Of Addicts

Lori Erion knows about addiction. Erion is the founder and executive director of Families of Addicts (FOA), an organization dedicated to helping families who are on the front lines of the current opioid crisis. She is also a certified Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter . PRS is a program of the Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services. The program is a convention of “peer specialists, recovery coaches, and peer supporters.” But Erion’s education and experience with addiction go much deeper. “I...

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WYSO's Community Concert: Sunday, September 9

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Rep. Niraj Antani says he’s proposing a bill requiring county commissioners get voter approval to raise taxes.

A Republican state lawmaker who backed a failed attempt to overturn a county tax levy wants to make it tougher for counties to raise taxes.

Opponents of a sales tax increase on Montgomery County tried and failed to take a repeal to the ballot. So Rep. Niraj Antani says he’s proposing a bill requiring county commissioners get voter approval to raise taxes in the first place.

green prescription sign in pharmacy window
Ben W. / Flickr Creative Commons

Ohio Medicaid is telling its five managed care plans to sever their contracts with two pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), and to work up new deals by the beginning of the year.

In a letter to the managed care plans, Ohio Medicaid director Barbara Sears says they must stop working with CVS Caremark and Optum, which are using a “spread pricing” model.

Conrad's Corner: August 14, 2018

Aug 14, 2018

Julie Moore reads Maureen Fry's poem, "Night Music"

Kim Richey's latest album Edgeland is out now on Yep Roc records.

Kim Richey, who had previously visited the studio for the release of her 2007 Chinese Boxes album, returned to the WYSO studios for a live set on Excursions.  She talked with WYSO Music Director Niki Dakota about her latest album Edgeland, collaborating with other artists, and her Ohio roots.

I did not know it at the time but I began heading down the path to recording this interview with John Straley when I was in the third grade. I remember it like it happened yesterday. We had eaten lunch in the cafeteria at St. Augustin's School in Des Moines. Then I went out to play during recess with my best pal. His name was Jimmy Percival. We were over admiring the rose bushes blooming in front of the convent when an older kid, a fourth grader we didn't know came running over to us and starting beating up my buddy, Jimmy.

rolls of hay in a late summer field
Let Ideas Compete / Flickr Creative Commons

Even though the summer may be hot and humid and  seemingly endless, its stability is deceptive. Sometimes a cold front around August 10th is especially chilly, breaking the stagnation of the Dog Days.

Sometimes leaf miners lace the locust trees, creating patches of gray and brown in the tree line. Sometimes a few maples turn red and stand out like the hand of October from all the other trees of August.

Bird calls have changed during the past month, and the crickets and katydids are louder.

Conrad's Corner: August 13, 2018

Aug 13, 2018

Jane Kretschman reads her poem, "This Sort of Onslaught Yellow Springs"

88th Air Base Wing ‎Air Force Research Laboratory 88th Air Base Life Cycle Management Research Laboratory Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Air and Space Intelligence Center 445th Airlift Wing   Air Force Institute of Te
Jess Mador / WYSO

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is launching a formal Incident Review Board to evaluate this month’s false alarm active-shooter incident

Unsubstantiated reports of a shooter at the Wright-Patt medical center Aug. 2 triggered a lockdown of base facilities and an emergency response from multiple city, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Conrad's Corner: August 12, 2018

Aug 12, 2018

Conrad Balliet reads Herb Martin's poem, "My Mother at the End of Her Days"

Franklin county election officials notified the public Wednesday that they missed hundred of ballots in the unofficial tally for Tuesday’s special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District.  WOSU’s Nick Evans reports, they'll be included in the official canvass later this month.

Montgomery County health officials say the number of drug overdoses is rising. Montgomery is among seven counties across Ohio that are seeing a spike in drug-related emergency room visits and overdoses this summer.