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City of Dayton Working On 2015 Budget

Dayton's officials are coming up against some unknowns in the budget process for next year.
Derek Jensen
Flickr Creative Commons

The City of Dayton is starting its budget process for next year. Officials will be dipping into savings again to balance the spending plan.


It will cost about $160 million to run Dayton in 2015. That money comes from a variety of sources: income taxes, property taxes and casino revenue. But this year the city will also use $2.5 million in reserves.

Dayton City Manager Tim Riordan says that’s because money coming in has been stuck around $155 million for the last six years.

“We’ve got a revenue problem," he said. "With the state cutting back revenues, the income tax still really growing in only a very, very minor way. We’re stuck on a revenue number.”

He says there are some unknowns too. State lawmakers are considering a move that some say essentially bans red light cameras. Riordan says Dayton would lose $1.5 million if that passes. Lawmakers are also talking about changes to income tax collections, which Riordan says would be another problem.

Plus, the city is currently negotiating contracts with two big unions: police and Dayton Public Service. Salaries and benefits make up about 75 percent of the budget. The City Commission won’t vote on the spending plan until the start of next year.