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Stats + Stories: The Fab Formula

Mark Glickman, a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, is Senior Lecturer on Statistics at Harvard University, and Senior Statistician at the Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research, a VA Center of Innovation.
via Stats + Stories

WYSO is partnering with Stats and Stories, a podcast produced at Miami University.

There are a lot of things Beatles fans can argue about - which album is the best, for instance, or which Beatle was the better songwriter. Songwriting, in fact, has been a site of some heated debates over the years. Early on, John Lennon and Paul McCartney agreed to share writing credits on the songs they wrote for the band. Since the group split up, fans have been trying to figure out which songs belong to which songwriter, leading to sometimes impassioned arguments in bars around the world. Recently, researchers converted the songs into data in an attempt to figure out which songs were written mostly by Lennon and which songs were written mostly by McCartney. Rosemary Pennington and regular panelist John Baylor, Chair of Miami Statistics Department, are joined by Mark Glickman, a senior lecturer of statistics at Harvard University. He's also senior statistician for the Center for Health Care Organization and implementation research.

Stats and Stories is a partnership between Miami University's Departments of Statistics and Media, Journalism and Film and the American Statistical Association. You can follow us on Twitter or iTunes. If you'd like to share your thoughts on our program, send your e-mail to statsandstories@miamioh.edu and be sure to listen for future editions of Stats and Stories where we discuss the statistics behind the stories and the stories behind the statistics.