Popular items during the coronavirus pandemic, including toilet paper, are hard to keep on the shelves at Dorothy Lane Market. The company has recently hired about 75 new temporary workers.
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Jennifer Woodward had just started as the head bartender at Sojourners Brewstillery, a new brewery in Centerville, when she began to hear rumblings about the coronavirus. She was not especially worried. She thought people would be stressed and would want to have a drink.

Many Dayton businesses are struggling amid the coronavirus emergency.
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Daytonians are settling into the new normal of life during the coronavirus outbreak. Now that millions of Ohioans have been ordered to stay home, many businesses that rely on foot traffic face an increasingly uncertain future.

Gov. Mike DeWine’s Stay at Home order excludes what the state deems as essential businesses and services, such as medical care, food, shipping, and deliveries.

The exemptions were welcome news for C.J. Pennington, who manages a UPS Store in Fairborn.

Many bars and restaurants in the Midwest face an unprecedented crisis, after being ordered by some states to close due to coronavirus fears. The shutdowns came as bars were preparing for big crowds on St. Patrick's Day. And that was a shock in Columbus, Ohio, where Ohio State University has some 60,000 students.

Emily Mendenhall and her family employ more than 50 people at two restaurants in Dayton.
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Restaurants and bars across the Miami Valley are preparing for what could be an indefinite shutdown. On Sunday in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus, Gov. Mike DeWine temporarily banned sitdown service.

The order allows takeout and delivery to continue. And it extends unemployment benefits to affected workers without paid leave. And many business owners in Dayton’s restaurant industry are urging workers to take advantage of the help.

Gov. Mike DeWine announced today that all bars and restaurants in the state of Ohio will be closed beginning 9 p.m. Sunday. Carry-out and delivery will still be available, in order to not overwhelm grocery stores. 

"It's very drastic action, but we’re taking these steps to save lives," said DeWine.

Ashlie Tinor works at Uncle Beth's BBQ, a small family restaurant in Champaign County.
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When small towns shrink or disappear in rural America, homestyle, family restaurants feel the pinch, and they have often been replaced by chains like Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans.

But that trend looks to be reversing. In 2016 Bob Evans, based in Ohio, sold 27 restaurants, and Bloomberg News has reported a resurgence in the popularity of mom and pop restaurants all over the country.

Why Can't Adults Order From The Kids Menu?

May 25, 2015
Felix Dakota is happy with a kids' burger and fries from Young's Jersy Dairy.
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Kids’ menus: they’re salty, sweet, greasy, and more appropriately portioned than lots of meals served to adults at casual restaurants. So, why the age restrictions? What stops adults from just ordering the small stuff they crave?

This question came in from Rachel Kirby in Nashville, Tennessee for Marketplace's “I’ve Always Wondered” series, a similar project to our local WYSO Curious series.