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WYSO Weekend: December 4, 2016

WYSO Weekend

On today’s show, we’ll go to Wilmington to learn about a gritty art project, WYSO Curious will investigate the story of Dayton’s trolley buses, and Veterans Voices features a conversation about how veterans and protesters see the American flag.

  • State health officials have revoked the operating license of one of Ohio’s last remaining abortion providers. The state issued the order on the grounds the clinic failed to obtain a written hospital-transfer agreement. WYSO's Jess Mador has more.
  • Last week Clark County Officials announced they will be hiring a consulting firm to recommend improvements to local retail opportunities. WYSO’s Dan Gummel has the details.  
  • This week  President-elect Donald Trump came to Cincinnati on his Thank You Tour - when he visited Vandalia on the campaign trail earlier this year, a young man named Tommy DiMassimo rushed the stage. He was arrested and sentenced to one year’s probation. This month, a Federal judge ended that probation early without objection from the Department of Justice. Tommy DiMassimo is an activist, and before the Trump incident, he participated in a march at Wright State University protesting racism and police brutality where he stood on an American flag. Many veterans were outraged. Marine Corp veteran and Wright State student Jeremy Dobbins of Springfield was there, and upset by the demonstration. Our Veterans’ Voices series continues with a conversation between Jeremy and Tommy, who despite their differences, agreed to talk about that contentious day.
  • If you visit downtown Wilmington, you’ll see large, black and white photos of its resident plastered on the sides of buildings. Each person has dirt somewhere on them: on a shirt, or a bicep, or cheek. In one portrait, an elderly woman has dirt smeared under each eye. She’s holding her fists up to the camera, and “G-R-I-T” is written in all caps across the knuckles of each hand. Community Voices Producer Jason Reynolds wanted to know what this was all about.
  • Dayton is one of only five US cities that still have electric trolley buses. Listener Aaron Hill had several questions for WYSO Curious about the trolleys: their history, their cost compared to diesel buses, and the future of the trolley system. We sent WYSO’s Char Daston down to RTA’s central building in Dayton to learn more.
  • This week on Dayton Youth Radio, we'll hear a story from 2016 Ponitz Graduate, Remi Greathouse about her family's journey to find permanent housing. Here's project coordinator Basim Blunt.
  • Today we bring you Rediscovered Radio Flashback, a quick trip to the past through historical audio from the WYSO Archives. Here’s Archives Fellow Jocelyn Robinson with the words of Florynce Kennedy, an outspoken attorney and activist who bridged the Women’s Liberation and Black Power Movements in the 1960s and 70s.
  • Bill Felker has this week's Poor Will's Almanack.
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