Dayton Youth Radio

WYSO is committed to putting local voices on the air. We give local voices the time and space to tell their own stories, in their own words, without commercial interruptions. Our Community Voices training program for adults has been doing this since 2011. In 2014 we expanded that program to include high school students. They are the future of Dayton – and they have a lot to say.

Dayton Youth Radio project manager Basim Blunt teaches broadcasting and storytelling skills to high school students. Basim works with about 45 teenagers each year from various schools in the Miami Valley, guiding each students' story from the classroom to the WYSO airwaves.

We plan to keep diversifying the types of schools we work with. In 2016-17 we continued to serve Dayton’s urban core by working with Ponitz Career Technology Center and Stivers School for the Arts, but also worked with the suburbs (Centerville High School), a rural district (Tecumseh High School) and a private school (Miami Valley School).

Dayton Youth Radio is supported by the Virginia W. Kettering Foundation, the Vectren Foundation, and the Ohio Arts Council

Sarah Weymouth
Basim Blunt / WYSO

This week on Dayton Youth Radio, we have a story from Centerville High School student Sarah Weymouth about parents communicating with their teenagers.

You know your kids better than anyone else right? Inside and out, right? I’m sure that’s how my dad felt, up until last week when i gave him a reality check. My parents got divorced when I was 7 years old. Before then, we all lived together happily in our little ranch style home in suburban Centerville, Ohio.

Book Ends: A Teenager's Love For Reading

Jan 25, 2018
Malia Hampshire
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio we have a story, from the Dayton Early College Academy by Malia Hampshire about the joy of reading.

My name is Malia Hampshire. I go to Dayton Early College Academy. I love to bake cupcakes, and trains scare me.  I love to read - like really love reading.  I have an overactive imagination and sometimes need an outlet.  I needed to find something that was very productive.

Mean Girls: A Teenager Talks About Being A Bully

Jan 18, 2018
Dori'Asia Smith
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Sometimes you check the news and realize you are right in the middle of it. That happened to Dori'Asia Smith, a student at the David H. Ponitz Career Technology Center; she saw stories about bullied teens and kids who killed themselves because of it. She thought about it and realized, she was a bully. 

My name is Dori’Asia Smith. I am now 17 years old. I’m a senior, and I’m a varsity volleyball athlete. I was once a mean girl back in 7th grade. A mean girl is someone that picks on somebody else for no reason, just like bullying somebody. 

Megan Johnson
Basim Blunt / WYSO

This week on Dayton Youth Radio, we have the first of two stories about teenagers dealing with the opioid crisis. Today we'll hear from Megan Johnson, a senior at Centerville High School.

My story is about my 25 year old cousin, whose life was taken by the use of heroin.  She overdosed on Fentanyl. I did this story because this is something I think about on a daily basis every night before I go to sleep, losing someone who was so close to me to drugs and seeing what it did to my family.

Daylan McKinney
Basim Blunt / WYSO

We've been doing Dayton Youth Radio for about 3 years now on WYSO and through this program, project manager Basim Blunt has met almost 100 high school students. It seems like more than ever, teens want to talk about the effect their parents' divorce had on their lives. Here's a story about divorce with a small twist from Ponitz Career Technology Center Student senior Daylan McKinney.

I’m 17 years old and a former athlete. I used to play basketball for Ponitz, and I played from freshman to junior year. Then I stopped playing.

Alexis Jones
Basim Blunt / WYSO

This week on Dayton Youth Radio we have a story about a teenage daughter's relationship with her father. It's from Alexis Jones, a senior at Centerville High School.

In 2016, at the beginning of my junior year, I had a crisis.

It started when my mom met her new boyfriend. They were both from the Dayton area so they spent a lot of time together, and they decided to move in with each other. I had no say in their decision

Lovely Nalls
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Somethings never change, like the rollercoaster ride of emotions our teenagers face when they fall in love. Here's a story about romance and high school from a student at Ponitz Career Technology Center.

Damarco Brooks
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio, we have a story from a Centerville High School teenager who finds closure about a family mystery.

POTUS 2040: A Teenager Talks About Her Future

Dec 7, 2017
Sabrina Morales
Basim Blunt / WYSO

Today on Dayton Youth Radio, we have a story from teenager Sabrina Morales, who has some ambitious plans for her future after high school.

My story is about how I’m going to be president of the United States of America. I have never been more serious about anything in my whole life.

When I first got the idea to become president, it was kind of a joke. I was in the sixth grade, and my friend Alex said he could get straight A’s in history class, and I was like “Oh, yeah, and I can be president!” And we all laughed.

Paradise Lost: A Teenager Searches For Answers About His Family

Nov 30, 2017
Dalton Moore
Basim Blunt / WYSO

This week Dayton Youth Radio begins a new season of stories from Miami Valley teenagers.  Today we'll meet Dalton Moore, a senior at Centerville High School, who is struggling to find an answer about his past.

I was four years old; my life was simple and happy life. It was me, my mom and Tommy, my dad. Or at least the man I thought was my dad. I enjoyed living life with my sisters. My family and I did everything together. We were always at the park, riding our bikes all over Dayton. It was like we ran our neighborhood, even though we were all young.