Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


Maj. Gen. William Cooley was removed from his position as the Air Force Research Laboratory Commander at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on January 15 because of alleged misconduct. The Air Force cited a loss of confidence in Cooley’s ability to lead. 

wright-patterson air force base gates
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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s workforce is aging, with roughly half of workers currently eligible to retire soon. Now, Ohio jobs, education and military officials are teaming up to attract more young people to jobs at Wright-Patt, the state’s largest single-site employer.

Around 5,000 new jobs are expected to be added at the base over the next seven years, many of them requiring advanced degrees, science, technology, engineering and math skills.

Contractors use heavy equipment to remove larges logs during the recovery operations at Wright-Patterson AFB. Volunteers from around Wright-Patterson AFB worked alongside base emergency responders.
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Clean up efforts from the tornadoes that swept through the Miami Valley on Memorial Day continue in affected neighborhoods, including the Prairies at Wright Field neighborhood, where 150 homes were damaged. The Prairies is a privatized military housing development for personnel serving at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Marie Vanover is the director of public affairs at Wright-Patt and says, of those 150 homes, 22 have been declared uninhabitable.

Dayton City Commissioners Wednesday voted to approve an ordinance banning panhandling along several busy roadways within city limits
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Voters across the Dayton region cast ballots in Tuesday’s primary elections. In the competitive race for Dayton City Commission, five candidates were vying to compete for two open seats in the fall. Now, four candidates move on to a place on the November ballot.

Montgomery County Board of Election unofficial results show voters approved incumbent City Commissioners Matt Joseph, with more than 28 percent of the vote, and Chris Shaw, with more than 25 percent of the vote, to compete in November.

The newly formed committee starts work just months after a Dayton water main break led to a massive water service outage across Montgomery County.
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Republican Rep. Mike Turner Wednesday announced a new effort dedicated to ensuring safe drinking water in Dayton. The plan includes the formation of a new committee, which Turner told reporters will hire a national consultant tasked with completing an independent review of Dayton’s water quality standards.

The consultant is also expected to compile a list of safeguards the community may need in order to maintain good water quality in the future.

Dayton Power and Light Executive Vice President Tom Raga will serve as the new committee’s chair.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
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Gov. Mike DeWine Wednesday announced a new cabinet-level position with a special focus on Ohio military and aerospace installations.

DeWine made the announcement at the annual Dayton Development Coalition meeting at the Schuster Performing Arts Center.

DeWine told the gathering of mostly business and military officials Retired Col. Joseph E. Zeis Jr. will serve as senior advisor for aerospace and defense.

He’s work to grow economic development opportunities for Ohio’s multibillion dollar defense industries.

wright-patterson air force base gates
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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base officials Wednesday released some of the findings from an investigation into an active shooter-false alarm incident last August. In a lengthy report, investigators detailed communication problems they found led to a “completely uncoordinated and ineffective” emergency response.

Officials say the response could have resulted in serious injury or property damage.

We’re celebrating WYSO’s 60th birthday this year by listening to highlights from our historic audio collection.

Over the years, WYSO has often reported from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base In 2003, early in the war in Iraq, WYSO producer Ryan Warner did a story about the C-141 Starlifter, a gigantic military transport plane that became a common site in our local skies that year.

The Starlifter has since been retired, and Ryan Warner can now be heard on Colorado Public Radio.

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Leanna Perez Green and her two sons. Perez Green's husband is retired from the Air Force. She says seeking drug treatment for her teenage son meant facing down stigma in the tight-knit Wright-Patterson military community.
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WYSO's Recovery Stories series brings you intimate conversations from the heart of Dayton’s opioid crisis. This episode introduces us to two women whose children have struggled with addiction: Becky Walsh and Leanna Perez Green.

Leanna’s husband is retired from the Air Force. She says seeking drug treatment for her teenage son meant facing down stigma in the tight-knit Wright-Patterson military community.

Congressman Mike Turner (R-10) is flanked by Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer (left), Green County Sheriff Gene Fischer (right) and other law enforcement officials at a press conference at WPAFB.
Morgan Rako (Congressman Mike Turner)

Officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base continue to investigate how an Aug. 2 training exercise turned into a mistaken active-shooter situation. They have convened an official Incident Review Board to assess what went wrong during the incident, and  Republican Congressman Mike Turner met Wednesday with top brass from the 88th Air Base Wing and non-base law enforcement officials. But few details about the incident have yet been released.