Sherrod Brown

Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is pushing back against a decision by the Pentagon to close an office overseeing key defense manufacturing programs in the Dayton area. The programs have been headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for the last 30 years.

Department of Defense officials recently announced a plan to relocate more than a dozen jobs to the Pentagon.

Brown and other members of the House and Senate have sent a letter to DOD Secretary James Mattis urging him to keep oversight of the programs in Ohio.

An Ohio family handcuffed and held at gunpoint during a 2014 visit to the National Air Force Museum is suing Wright-Patterson Air Force Base security officers alleging civil rights violations.
The Dayton Daily News reports Wendy Hill, her mother-in-law and two children updated a March lawsuit on Friday.
The suit alleges unreasonable search and seizure and due-process violations. It seeks $75,000 and a jury trial. A separate administrative review is also proceeding.

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The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) has received a $99 million U.S. Air Force research contract. It’s the biggest contract in UD’s history. 

UDRI will study technologies like 3-D printing and sensors that could save the U.S. Air Force money on maintenance for an aging air fleet.

“If the planes are spending more time in maintenance, they are not available for the job,” said Sukh Sidhu, head of UDRI’s Energy Technologies and Materials division.

Wolfenbarger Hands Over Command At Wright-Patt

Jun 8, 2015

The Air Force's first female four-star general at Ohio's largest military base is being replaced by another female commander.

The Dayton Daily News reports Air Force Material Command Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger's retirement ceremony on Monday was to feature a transition in which Lt. Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski would be given a fourth star to replace her.

Pawlikowski will be the third female four-star general in the service branch's history.

wright-patterson air force base gates
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More military sexual assault cases will be tried at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in the next few months. The Dayton Daily News has done some extensive reporting on the issue and how prevalent these types of cases are. In the following interview, WYSO’s Jerry Kenney talks with DDN reporter Barrie Barber.

WPAFB Steps Up Security; Delays Expected

May 8, 2015

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in southwest Ohio says to expect bigger delays at base gates because of added security measures.

The U.S. military has increased the threat level at bases across North America. Officials say the boost will likely mean heightened vigilance and more random bag or vehicle checks.

Base spokesman Daryl Mayer says new measures are meant to increase unpredictability in the base's security. The Wright-Patterson security threat level has been raised from the lowest level, Alpha, to Bravo, the next higher level.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has selected Springfield as the site for the Ohio/Indiana Unmanned Aerial Systems Center.  The center will be the hub for Ohio and Indiana’s joint operational efforts to become a test site for unmanned aerial systems.

The Unmanned Aerial Systems Center will be housed in the Nextedge Applied Research and Technology Park which sits on the eastern part of Springfield along Route 40.

ODOT will manage the Systems Center in Springfield, which has a two-year lease that will run until June of 2015 at a total cost of $70,000.

Springfield's Air National Guard Base will lose 47 jobs due to government cost cutting. The Guard Base and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base continue to deal with harsh budget cuts.

Springfield's guard base is losing 47 intelligence and reconnaissance positions within the 178th Fighter Wing as a result of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal-year 2013 that President Obama signed on January 2.


Ohio Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) was at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on Monday.  He was there to talk about ongoing operations at the base, and how Friday’s looming sequestration cuts might affect Wright-Patt.   

Portman said the President’s proposed $85 billion dollars in across-the-board spending cuts over the next 7 months would be detrimental to national defense and what he called ‘the federal government’s vital operations. 

The state of Ohio wants a federal judge to dismiss the city of Riverside’s lawsuit that seeks to tax civilian employees and contractors who work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 

Back in 2007, the city of Riverside announced it would begin collecting taxes on civilian employees who work on the portion of Wright-Patt that falls within Riverside city limits – that’s Area B.  Riverside’s lawsuit argues that an unconstitutional provision in Ohio's municipal income tax law prevents them from collecting taxes from those employees.