What's Next

Nick Weldy

Our American Graduate series, What’s Next, is a look at how high school seniors figure out what to do with their lives. Yesterday we heard about how students are finding their way to college and careers through their guidance counselors.

But there’s one option that at least some counselors may be missing: technical training for careers that don’t require college. And lots of technical occupations have open positions that can be hard to fill. One example is firefighting.

Stivers School for the Arts counselor, Dave Asadorian, says his greatest joy comes when he can change student's lives for the better.
Jerry Kenney

The Ohio Department of Education has adopted new common standards for school counselors. They require counselors to be ready to provide a range of services including academic assistance, career development, and emotional support for students. But lots of school counselors are already doing a lot with a little.


The Counselor/Student Relationship

At Stivers School for the Arts, senior student and valedictorian, Ebi Reyes describes herself as "just an eighteen year old trying to make it.”


Joanne Viskup

For some high school kids, figuring out a plan after senior years is as simple as apply to college and go, or start looking for a job.

But plenty of teenagers are facing issues a lot of adults would struggle with, financial and family pressures that make just getting to graduation tough—let alone, looking ahead.

American Graduate: Students Struggle To Meet Financial Aid Deadlines

Mar 28, 2016
Some of the students in Joanne Viskup's media arts class. They talked with WYSO reporter Jason Reynolds about what's next for them after high school.
Jason Reynolds / WYSO

WYSO's American Graduate series, “What's Next,” is looking at students in their senior year of high school. Today, we talk with seniors about getting financial aid for college. The first step in that process is the Federal Application for Student Aid—or FAFSA for short—and a lot of local seniors have already missed the first deadline related to that form.


One form, multiple deadlines