President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is set to rally in Southwest Ohio this week.
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

Donald Trump’s trip to Youngstown Monday differed in style from most of his other presidential stump speeches along the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. What did not change was his call to slow immigration, the passion of his supporters – and the dearth of Ohio’s political leaders on stage with him.

Trump billed the speech as a major foreign policy address. And it was clear from the get-go that there would be no riffing by the candidate on building a wall with Mexico – though that’s often his biggest applause line.

Trump Promises To Make Ohio "Manufacturing Behemoth" During Columbus Rally

Aug 3, 2016
Donald Trump
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are locked in tight races in several battleground states and Ohio is no exception. Trump’s latest rally in Columbus Monday was the third big campaign stop in Ohio since the Republican National Convention. 

Surrounded by a thousand supporters in a town hall setting, Donald Trump promised to make Ohio a manufacturing behemoth.

The Republican presidential nominee focused most of his comments on strengthening labor by cracking down on trade deals that encourage companies to move out of the country.

A federal judge is deciding whether a young Ohio man's bond should be revoked as he awaits trial on a charge he tried to rush the stage at a Donald Trump rally.

Judge Sharon Ovington scheduled a hearing Monday afternoon on 22-year-old Thomas DiMassimo's bond. She earlier this month found that he violated conditions she set in March allowing him to be free under his own recognizance.

It wasn't clear what conditions he violated, but she ordered him to be electronically monitored and placed on home detention.

Donald Trump
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GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump made his first trip back to Ohio since the primary. He went to Belmont County, where his campaign against a global economy played well back in March and continued to play well last night.

Trump had plenty of lines that drew cheers – building a wall, dishonest reporters, water-boarding suspected terrorists. But his chief target was  trade deals – a red flag for a region whose steel and coal industries are struggling.


  As polls show likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is trailing presumptive Democratic choice Hillary Clinton, reports are again surfacing that Republicans will be making moves to try to change the rules for next month’s convention in Cleveland. And that’s a tactic that’s been used in past conventions too.

Donald Trump
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A man arrested after trying to jump on the stage at Republican Donald Trump's campaign rally in Dayton reportedly told police he planned to grab the microphone and yell that Trump is a racist but didn't intend to hurt anyone.

One Arrest, Many Disruptions At Dayton Trump Rally

Mar 12, 2016
Donald Trump appeared at the Dayton International Airport Saturday
Steve Bognar

Donald Trump held a rally outside Dayton Saturday morning, after canceling his appearance in Chicago the night before, due to what he said were safety concerns. His appearance was disrupted several times by protesters, who appeared to act alone as they interrupted his speech.

Thousands of people lined up beginning early in the morning, vying for standing spots inside a hangar at the Wright Brothers Aero expo center next to the Dayton International Airport in Vandalia.


Trump Makes Campaign Stop In Columbus

Mar 2, 2016
President Donald Trump is set to rally in Southwest Ohio this week.
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

As voters in a dozen states cast their ballot for who they want as their presidential nominee, frontrunner Donald Trump made a big campaign stop in Ohio. 

While dramatic, instrumental music blasted over the speakers inside an airport hangar, Donald Trump’s private jet swooped down and landed in front of several thousand supporters.

It was the moment 21-year-old Anthony Cardosi of Westerville had been waiting for all morning long.

“I got here at like 4:30, 5 o’clock A.M. I was the first in line.”

How Kasich And Trump Compare On Economic Policy

Mar 1, 2016
Donald Trump
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Super Tuesday aside, Ohio governor John Kasich says he will stay in the presidential race at least until Ohio’s March 15 primary. But he’s lagging behind Donald Trump in the polls even in Ohio. Kasich has run largely on his record in Ohio, and particularly his leadership around growing the economy.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is bringing his campaign to Ohio ahead of the state's important March 15 primary.

Trump is scheduled to appear Tuesday at a hangar at Port Columbus International Airport. It marks his second campaign stop in Columbus, where GOP rival John Kasich (KAY'-sik) is governor.

Kasich has repeatedly said he's confident he will win his home state, despite some polls showing Trump prevailing. Kasich is scheduled to spend next week in Massachusetts, Vermont and Michigan.