This week's show is for you super geniuses out there. The theme is "WHADDYA KNOW?": we'll be spinning tunes about knowledge (and/or the lack of it) from Prince Buster, Fats Waller, Young MC, Amy Winehouse, Ozzy, and a whole mess of others, so put on your thinking caps.

This week's theme is JUNIORS; we're spinning tunes both BY various Juniors (Sammy, Harry, Gary, Dinosaur, Kimbrough, Brown, Byles) and a few ABOUT them, as well. It'll be a fun one.  See you on the radio, friends!

In these uncertain times it's easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for and so, in that spirit, we present this week's theme: GRATITUDE. We'll be spinning songs about giving thanks from Otis Redding, Sarah Vaughan, Ty Segal, Bad Brains, Rare Earth...TONS of others, too. So put some gratitude in your attitude, and thank you kindly.

Some of my favorite interviews have come about in strange ways. Let me give you one example: About 20 years ago I got an interview with my radio idol, the late Studs Terkel. This is how it happened: one day I got a phone call at the station. An author I know was calling to say that she was on her way from New Orleans to Chicago and had stopped in Yellow Springs. She wondered if I could come downtown? She wanted to introduce me to somebody. That somebody was her boyfriend.

Speaking Suns

Yellow Springs band Speaking Suns is releasing their third full-length album this week, called Terrestrial Year. The band made a return visit to WYSO's Excursions, new music in hand, to talk with Niki Dakota about the new album, some band history, and the release show this Saturday in Columbus.

Daniel Fishkin

The arts series Sound Action is currently underway at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, curated by Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Arts Catalina Jordan Alvarez. Tonight in the college's Herndon Gallery, Sound Action presents Dead Metaphors, featuring composer/sound artist/instrument builder Daniel Fishkin, alongside an ensemble of SOUND students from Antioch.

Are you ready, boots? This week's theme is COMEUPPANCE: we'll be spinning two hours of songs about payback, karma, consequences, and repercussions. This one's been marinating in my noggin for a good long time, friends, and it's going to be quite a ride: Hank Williams, Peter Tosh, Black Flag, Champion Jack Dupree, Julie London...even Ms. Sinatra here will be on hand to dish out the musical medicine. Start walkin'!

Shane Cooley in the WYSO studio
Connor Jameson / WYSO

Austin-based band Shane Cooley and the Midnight Girls will return to Ohio for a series of late January performances.  Shane Cooley visited the WYSO studios for a live acoustic performance on Kaleidsocope and talked with host Juliet Fromholt about the band's forthcoming album, the upcoming shows, and more.

The Paint Splats' Brandon Berry in the WYSO studio
Connor Jameson / WYSO

With two releases late in 2019, The Paint Splats are already beginning to record their next album.  Brandon Berry, the main creative force behind the band, visited the WYSO studios to play an acoustic set live on Kaleidoscope.  He talked with host Juliet Fromholt about evolving as a songwriter, writing, recording and more.

The Paint Splats will perform at South Park Tavern on Saturday, February 1 with Sadbox.

A quartet version of Lioness, the Dayton-area band fronted by vocalist/guitarist Nathan Peters, will be performing Friday night in Yellow Springs at Emporium Wines and Underdog Cafe. Peters, alongside bassist Ben Cooper, came to WYSO's Excursions to play some live cuts, and spin a new studio track from their upcoming 2020 album.