Wesley Center Members Talk About Freedom During Juneteenth

Jun 24, 2018
Wesley Community Center

June 19, 1865 marks the day slavery was abolished in the United States. One hundred fifty-three years later, people across the country continue to celebrate this victory and recognize there is more work to be done.

Dr. James Dobbins, longtime Dayton Wesley Community Center member, says Juneteenth represents an ongoing need to fight for basic freedoms.

“It signifies a greater issue, which is that freedom is a process, it’s not just an event,” Dobbins says. “

Juneteenth Celebration Focuses On Ohio Voting Rights

Jun 19, 2018
Wesley Community Center

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that Ohio can remove voters from registration rolls if they do not return a mailed form confirming their address and then do not vote for the next four years. Dayton Wesley Community Center members say voting is a big component in freedom.

Last weekend, the Wesley Center celebrated Juneteenth, a national holiday recognizing the day slavery was abolished and celebrating African American independence. According to Wesley Center Executive Director Yvette Kelly-Fields, voting rights were highlighted in the Center's celebration.