Election 2015

Though Ohio voters soundly rejected a proposal to legalize marijuana, the group that brought it to the ballot says it’s pushing forward with its next proposal.

ResponsibleOhio has been working on what it calls the Fresh Start Act, which executive director Ian James said would allow for the elimination of records of non-violent marijuana convictions for offenses that will someday no longer be illegal.

Former Ohio Governor Bob Taft says he disagrees with his cousins on marijuana. But the disagreement is quite civil.
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The marijuana initiative on Tuesday’s ballot in Ohio went down in flames, with 65 percent voting “no” on legalizing recreational and medical marijuana.

A possible state takeover of Dayton Public Schools was likely on the minds of voters who returned two school board members to their positions in Tuesday’s election, but who also voted in a newcomer who campaigned on holding school administrators accountable for the school’s poor performance. 

School board members Sheila Taylor, and Robert Walker will serve additional 4-year terms on the Dayton School board.  Joining them and the remaining board members will be John McManus, an outsider in the race who says his message of accountability was heard by voters.

Clark County Unofficial Election Results 2015

Nov 4, 2015

Incumbent Mayor Warren Copeland won a landslide victory over challenger Fred Stegner. Copeland garnered 63 percent of the vote.

Municipal Court Judge Gene Nevius, another incumbent, defeated Daniel Carey, an assistant Clark County prosecutor, in a close race. Nevius gained another six-year term with a 51 to 49 percent victory.

Incumbent Springfield Township Trustee Tim Foley won re-election over Springfield Township Fire Chief John Roeder in unofficial results.

Greene County Unofficial Election Results 2015

Nov 4, 2015

While early unofficial results last night showed the Greene County Parks levy trailing, the latest count shows the levy for additional operating expenses has passed with almost 51 percent in favor. Renewal levies across the county passed overwhelmingly, although new levies for additional operating expenses in Spring Valley Township and Silvercreek Township were both voted down.


Unofficial results from Montgomery County's elections are in, and Democratic City Commissioner Matt Joseph has held onto his seat. Chris Shaw is other winner, taking over a seat vacated by Commissioner Dean Lovelace. Shaw was the other candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party, and ran on a platform of promoting business and development. 

Officials with the no on 3/yes on 2 campaign celebrate a victory. Secretary of State Jon Husted is seated in the middle.
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 Ohio voters have approved a measure to prevent monopolies from being inserted into the state constitution.

The measure known as Issue 2 on Tuesday's ballot aims to keep individuals or private economic interests from placing new monopolies, cartels or oligopolies into the Ohio Constitution for their own benefit.

The practice has become increasingly common around the country as it becomes more expensive to mount a ballot campaign. Investors design such efforts to deliver economic benefits as a sort of return on investment for funding the ballot initiative.

After a decade of false starts, Ohio voters have overwhemingly approved new rules for drawing state legislative districts that aim to reduce partisan gerrymandering.

Issue 1 sailed to victory, thanks to bipartisan support and very little opposition. Catherine Turcer with Common Cause Ohio has been working for years to reform redistricting laws. “It’s like Christmas,” she said. “And the thing that’s exciting is that this is for all of us.”

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Ohio voters have rejected a ballot measure seeking to legalize recreational and medical marijuana use in the state.

Failure of the proposed constitutional amendment follows an expensive campaign, a legal fight over its ballot wording and an investigation into the proposal's petition signatures.

The measure known as Issue 3 on Tuesday's ballot would have allowed adults 21 and older to use, purchase or grow certain amounts of marijuana. The constitutional amendment would have established a regulatory and taxation scheme while creating a network of 10 growing facilities.

Election Results: November 3, 2015

Nov 3, 2015
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Ohio election results began arriving at 9pm on November 3rd, after an order from the Secretary of State mandated that boards of election not release their results until Hamilton County polls, which had earlier been ordered to extend voting hours, closed.