Debbie Lieberman

A screenshot of Michael B. Colbert, Montgomery County's Administrator.  The county has been meeting via videoconference during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Montgomery County / YouTube

Even as budgets are being slashed for government services at the local and state levels, indicators of need are skyrocketing. In Montgomery County, officials shared some startling new numbers during this week’s County Commission meeting.

On Tuesday, Montgomery County Commissioners authorized an additional $186,000 to help homeless shelters. Another $60,000 will go towards providing more home delivered meals to seniors. And the county’s Department of Job and Family Services has been flooded with requests.

Montgomery County Jail
Joshua Chenault / WYSO

Montgomery County is launching plans to renovate the county jail. Officials say the renovations will help improve a number of poor structural, and inmate conditions that have been linked to a string of lawsuits alleging prisoner mistreatment.

Montgomery County has hired Omaha-based consulting firm HDR to develop the renovation plan based on recommendations from the Justice Advisory Committee. With lawsuits mounting up, the group was formed in 2017 to look into the jail’s policies and procedures.

Under #DaytonStrong, Local Organzations Continue To Mobilze Tornado Recovery Efforts
Jerry Kenney

“I want my people to come back home, because the city of Trotwood is a family."

That's what one speaker told a large group of individuals and organizations that have, for almost two weeks now, focused on recovery efforts in the aftermath of a tornado outbreak that cause massive damage this past Memorial Day.

The gathering took place Friday at Sinclair Community College where the groups involved assessed the work they've done so far, and discussed how to take their recovery efforts to the next level.

Ex-offender Mary Sanders-Yaqeen with John Theobald, aide to Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman. Sanders-Yaqeen received reentry assistance from the county's Reentry Career Alliance Academy after serving a 10-year sentence at Dayton Correction
Jess Mador / WYSO

A Montgomery County program aimed at helping people returning from prison reintegrate into society and find steady employment is showing promise. That was the message from Montgomery County corrections officials at an event held Friday at the University of Dayton.  

The Reentry Career Alliance Academy program launched in 2015, and data show it’s dramatically reduced the number of ex-offenders who end up back behind bars within three years.