Dayton Mediation Center

Trisha Werts (third from left) trains volunteers at The Dayton Mediation Center.
Jerry Kenney

The Dayton Mediation Center was established by the city in 1987, “in an effort to ease the impact of community conflicts on public resources.”  The center intervenes in conflicts between residents, neighborhood organizations, businesses, employers and employees, schools, law enforcement agencies and even the Dayton court system.


Trisha Werts has been with the center for 18 years, and while she mainly works with separated or divorced parents raising children, she's also one of the program's lead mediation trainers.

Dayton Mediation Center In A Growth Spurt

Dec 26, 2013

Disagreements with neighbors or spouses can be ugly, and they can also be costly for the people and institutions involved. The Dayton Mediation Center has been working for 27 years to stem the social and fiscal costs of conflict by addressing it at its root, using volunteer mediators. The center works closely with neighborhood groups and the Montgomery County juvenile court to take on cases that might otherwise go through police, or result in either criminal charges or expensive litigation.