Greene County Public Health

Throughout this coronavirus crisis, officials have been repeating the same refrain over and over again. Stay at home. Stay away from other people. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stop this virus’s spread.

It turns out, this new normal comes from a very old playbook.

With a virus like this one, that’s mostly spread by droplets in the air, it’s when people come into close contact with each other that we’re able to get each other sick.

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Just days after the White House coronavirus task force warned Americans to brace for sobering death tolls, the administration is vowing to reimburse hospitals for treating uninsured patients infected with the coronavirus.

Dayton's annual Pride celebrations have been rescheduled to later in 2020.
Greater Dayton LGBT Center

This year’s annual LGBTQ festivities will happen later than usual as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Pride typically takes place in June in and around downtown Dayton. On Friday, organizers announced they've rescheduled Pride 2020 as a safety precaution to the weekend of August 21 instead.

FOA advocates against the stigma that often surrounds addiction
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Montgomery County is offering additional mental health and addiction assistance during the coronavirus Stay At Home order. The governor’s office this week extended the statewide order until May 1. And some Miami Valley mental health advocates worry prolonged social distancing could pose a special challenge for people in recovery from addiction.  

Healthcare workers are under immense pressure amid the coronavirus pandemic. They face shortages of protective equipment such as gloves and masks. They’re pulling long shifts. And they risk being infected with the virus. 

Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton says the state could be looking at issuing protocols for all hospital staff in order to help preserve personal protection equipment or PPE.

Over 468,000 Ohioans have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks – that’s nearly a third more than the total number filed last year.  The coronavirus restrictions have been a huge blow to workers who lost their jobs, and the fallout has created a tremendous strain on the system that’s set up to help them.

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The government has gone to work disbursing the billions of dollars Washington has committed to sustain the economy after the deep shock it has undergone in the pandemic, the White House promised on Thursday.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Jovita Carranza, head of the Small Business Administration, vowed that some of the first systems for loans or payments would be up and running as soon as Friday.

Ohio has extended its stay-at-home order, including the ban on non-essential businesses, until May 1. 

Hobby Lobby stores in Ohio are closed now after Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost sent the company a cease and desist letter. The company had claimed it was operating as an essential business. But as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, that company isn't the only one that is being questioned about why they are operating as an essential business.