fall leaf
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The time of early fall is an ambivalent time, a time of being on the edge. Summer is not really gone, but foliage is aging quickly and flowers are disappearing. The days may be warm and humid, but the sun is a March sun and could rise to frost on any morning.

I experience a vague excitement now, am in suspense as to just when the wind will change, look forward to the cold, feel relief at the end of the Dog Days, but I also wish that the season did not have to change so quickly.

URS Rubber Duck Regatta

Tomorrow, Saturday, at the downtown Dayton Riverscape there are two events going on. The Hispanic Heritage Festival is there from 11am to 11pm and lots of music and Hispanic food …and then the URS Rubber Duck Regatta is there beginning at 4 pm…you can see 20,000 rubber ducks fall down the river."

monarch butterfly
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My Sunday  morning is quiet and lazy. Clear sky, the air soft and mild. An occasional breeze follows the butterflies: a giant swallowtail, two monarchs, three yellow tiger swallowtails, four cabbage whites.

The butterfly effect seems to move the floppy leaves of the castor beans and push the drifts of zinnias and cannas. The sidle of the flowers and foliage soothes me, and  I allow my ultimate concerns to settle into the deep time of wings and blossoms.

Shakespeare in South Park

Shakespeare in South Park presents Tartuffe, or The Hypocrite, by Moliere. This comedy, written in 1664, will be set 3 centuries later in 1964. Bring lawn chairs, blankets and bug spray. There is no cost but donations happily accepted. This is at South Park Green, on tonight, Saturday, and Sunday at 8pm.

The last official First Friday Summer in the City season is tonight in downtown Dayton.

Goldrod in front of an old barn
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The change of season always changes me. Weather and landscape, seem to be the obvious parts of that transformation.

I read a little about how other people react.


Scale versions of some of history’s well-known airframes will take to the skies over Labor Day weekend during the Giant Scale Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Air Show. It is Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

Aeronca Champ airplane
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The basics of flying are a time tested routine that goes back to the Wright brothers. Aviation commentator Dan Patterson has some thoughts about that and his instructor.

My first flight instructor, Dr. Dick Garrison, died at the end of July. He was also a lifelong friend who I have known since Kindergarten, now 60 years ago.  We shared a love of aviation our entire lives.  At Colonel White High School, one of the teachers, Mr. Kistner formed a flight club that met after school. He also took us flying, and the die was cast.

Ohio Sea Grant / Flickr Creative Commons

In his natural history of east-central Ohio, Idle Weeds, David Rains Wallace writes: “If time is a story, the present is merely a hiatus between the significant events that were and will be.

"If time is an ocean, however, the present is not less important than other moments, which stretch away on all sides, any more than a single water molecule in an ocean is less important than the others.”

Greater Dayton Lebanese Festival
Greater Dayton Lebanese Festival

If you are a stamp collector then the AIRPEX 2019 have more than 15 stamp dealers from across the country with varied philatelic offerings and supplies. Novice, youth and avid stamp collectors are welcome to stop by to talk and shop with stamp dealers and club members. It’s at the IBEW Union Hall, on Poe Ave, today and Saturday.

The last thing that Nan Whaley, the Democratic mayor of Dayton, wants to hear in the wake of the tragedy that rocked her city on the early morning of Aug. 4 is the usual partisan bickering and excuses by politicians who are in the pocket of special interests.

She doesn't want to hear it.