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Instinctively summer is accepted as the normal condition of the earth,  writes naturalist, Edwin Way Teale.

Winter as the abnormal. Summer is ‘the way it should be.’ It is as though our minds subconsciously returned to some tropical beginning, some summer-filled Garden of Eden

I thought of these lines I drove back to Ohio from a brief trip to the Florida Keys this past month.

The Adventure Summit at Wright State University

The Adventure Summit celebrates the spirit of outdoor adventure by showcasing the vibrant lifestyle and culture of human-powered endeavors through inspiration, education, and experience. This event has something for everyone. It’s at Wright State Friday and Saturday.

Cardinal in tree
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I write this from Sarasota, Florida: Complete semi-tropical habitat, no sign of winter. Looking back over today’s daybook from home in Ohio, I see how all the notes reach south, look forward.

Front Street Building

First Friday is tonight and lots of spreading the love in downtown Dayton. The Front Street Building is part of this First Friday. Take a stroll through open studios galleries and workshops. Meet and greet with artists and artisans and if you are lucky you can catch me playing my accordion on the third floor!

sprouting peonies
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Even as the cold breaks the Groundhog Day thaw, many signs appear of the broader scope of the season, reminders of what to watch for and what to do.

When the first fly gets in your house on a warm Late Winter day, then opossums  and skunks wander the back roads at night.

When the red tips of peonies push out just a little from the ground, then blue jays are courting and wild turkeys to are gathering in flocks.

When red-winged blackbirds come to build their nests, then the maple sap should already be running.


Come, explore, and purchase beautiful artwork created by local artists! This is "an art affair" organized by the Tipp City Arts Council at the Zion Lutheran Church in Tipp City on Saturday 10am to 4pm.

pussywillows in February
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Once the leaves are down in the fall, I avoid looking at winter. I am always looking for spring, for the moment at which all the best of the year still lies ahead.

Sometimes I think anticipation is better than fulfillment. Promises are better than what is promised. Hope is better than than what is hoped for. When dreams come true, they are over. Happily ever after is often better as a wish.

moon on a blue sky
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The Pussy Willow Cracking Moon becomes the new Lambing and Kidding Moon at 1:45 a.m. on January 24.

This moon presides over the period during which most sheep and goats give birth. 

Complementing this surge in the farming year, the first week of the Lambing and Kidding Moon opens skunk cabbage in the swamps.

The second week of this moon brings cardinals into song every morning about half an hour before dawn.

By full moon time, doves join the cardinals, and maple sap runs in the maples.


In The Heights is the Muse Machine musical starring more than 100 young people from across the Miami Valley. It has been praised by The Dayton Daily News as “a performing arts all-star effort” and The Oakwood Register has called it “an evening of true theatrical joy... ”  It is now through Sunday.

The Cincinnati Reds are coming to the USAF Museum tomorrow, Saturday, from 10am to 12:30pm.

Aullwood in winter
Aullwood Audobon / via https://www.facebook.com/AullwoodAudubon/

The Greater Dayton Home Show is at the new Montgomery County Fairgrounds and you can see home improvement specialists from kitchen & bath, HVAC, sunrooms, lawn equipment, windows, landscaping, and much more! It is this weekend today, Saturday and Sunday.

A Grown-Up Game Night dedicated to board games has a variety of games you can play including Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Forbidden Island, Dixit, and Dominionon. This is at the Woodbourne Library tonight from 5:30 to 8:30pm.