Dayton's McPherson Town Neighborhood will host its annual holiday tour November 23 and 24.

The annual Thanksgiving Night Market lets you stock up for gatherings of family and friends and provides spices or spreads for parties and getting started on some early gift shopping. This is your perfect chance to find one-of-a-kind handmade goods from right here in Dayton! It’s at the Old Yellow Cab at 700 East 4th Street, today 5-10pm.

The beloved TV classic RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER soars off the screen and on to the stage at The Schuster tonight and Saturday.

flock of starlings
James Jordan / Flickr Creative Commons

A few weeks ago I was walking through the alley around a quarter after nine in the morning. The maples were just turning then, the serviceberries and the hackberries half down. I could hear starlings and grackles ahead of me.

And within minutes, I came under the cries and the rushing of a great flock. They knew where they were going: southeast, stopping in the branches above me for a just few seconds, calling to one another, looking out above the high canopy, then hurrying, diving on, one after another.

Aullwood is hosting its At The One Stop Holiday Shop this weekend.

It's the 48th Annual Dayton Book Fair at Montgomery County Fairgrounds! Ohio's largest used book sale is open now and runs through Monday, at noon. Hundreds of thousands of books, collectible books, children's books, paperbacks and more are sorted into 70 different categories.

Barbed wire a century old, on the battlefield at Verdun, France
Dan Patterson

World War I ended 100 years ago. It was called The Great War and the War to end all Wars, and the centuries long way of fighting on the ground changed to airplanes. 

frost on fallen leaves
Kenneth Spencer / Flickr Creative Commons

I was resting in my blue lawn chair in the afternoon sun, looking at the zinnias that had survived to this point in the autumn. Frost had been forecast for the night, but the afternoon was warm, no wind at all. One buzzard was drifting above me in the clear sky. Around the zinnias,  flowers of the New England asters were gray, round tufts of seeds.

The Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale supporting Dayton Metro Library is this weekend.

The Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale has  books for all ages, CDs, DVDs & more. Special Collection items are individually priced.  All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Dayton Metro Library. This is today 4 to 8pm; and  Saturday, 10am to 5pm at the Dayton Convention Center.

geese fly overhead
Joanne Clifford / Flickr Creative Commons

Middle Fall gives way to Late Fall by the end of the week. Most black walnut trees, hackberry, cottonwood, serviceberry trees and maples are bare now. The foliage of the ginkgo trees is ready to collapse in the frost. 

Flocks of grackles and geese fly over almost every day, all heading south. Starlings, in their winter murmurations, swoop and dive above the cutover fields.

Still, against these autumnal signs, the final days of the year’s summer coincide with the first days of second spring, which are actually the first days of next spring.


The Feast is a play in the brand new PNC ArtsAnnex. Matt and Anna's relationship is going swimmingly, until the sewers under their apartment open up and begin to speak. The plumber is angry, Matt's paintings are getting stranger, and a storm is gathering. An eerie dark comedy meets a horror/thriller about what is real, what is not, and who knows. It is this weekend.

Elke Mader / Flickr Creative Commons

Several decades ago, I realized that strange things seemed to happen to me in the fall of the year. I seemed to lose my good sense, became more emotional and spastic. I wanted to try too many new things, and my judgement became even worse than it usually was. I called that combination of unusual excitement and blind stupidity the autumn surge. 

Central State University Chorus
Courtesy of Central State University Chorus

The Yellow Cab Tavern and the Co-op Dayton are doing the incubator CO-OP Fest, which is a celebration of all things worker-owned. This is on Friday, 5pm to midnight, alongside the monthly Food Truck Rally and there is live music too.

You can tour 20 amazing homes in the Dayton area from Clayton to Franklin, and there's a home near you in a price point for you! It is the 2018 Fall Parade of Homes on Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5pm and there is no cost.