Carillon Brewing at Dayton History

Star City Brewing Company has a big event in celebration of their six-year anniversary with specialty tappings mead and melomel corkings live music and the release of Star City’s first ever bottled beer. This is now through Saturday.

December Sweet Gum Tree
Martin LaBar / Flickr Creative Commons

Global projections are dire for the decades ahead, and for the region where I live in the Lower Midwest, it is likely that by 2030 summers will be a somewhat warmer and drier, springs a little earlier and wetter, autumns and winters milder. Tornadoes may be more frequent, as Tornado Alley moves east from Oklahoma.

Dayton Craft and Artisan Expo

At the Atelier Party you can see the entire fall collection of her ceramics which are available for purchase. It’s the perfect opportunity to do a little early holiday shopping. One of a kind, handmade, and local. Complimentary prosecco and small bites are provided. This is at Front Street Building, tonight 5 to 9pm.

witch hazel
Ian Martin / Flickr Creative Commons

An Almanack horoscope suggests that the many seasons in the landscape of this time of year offer contrast and cheer to the darkening days.

Early November marks the center of the Season of Second Spring: sweet Cicely, Virginia creeper, burdock, red clover, waterleaf, ground ivy, celandine, sweet rocket, dock and leafcup often revive and look ahead six months to Middle Spring.

buffalo statue in front of K12 Gallery in downtown Dayton
Jim Kahle / WYSO

At the night at the Air Force Museum you can meet military re-enactors, Star Wars characters, and zoo animals; view or sit inside a cockpit; experience virtual reality; participate in kid’s activities; take a simulator ride; check-out a movie, and much more. This is tonight, 6 to 10pm.

USFWS Midwest Region / Flickr Creative Commons

Throughout Middle and Late Fall, frogs and toads seek shelter from the coming cold, migrating to protective places underground, in water or in cracks and crevices that will keep them from the forces of Early, Deep and Late Winter

Under the Sleeping Frog Moon, Christmas cacti bud in sunny windows. People plant paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs for the holiday season ahead. As toads and frogs migrate, chickweed grows back all along the woodland paths, and cress revives in pools and streams. Cattails begin to break apart as the final giant jimsonweed opens in the cornfields.

St. Anne the Tart in Dayton

The Dayton Ballet is doing some Phantom Dances to let you see some performances fitting for the autumn season including Halloween. It’s at the Victoria now through Sunday.

CO-OP FEST is a fundraiser for CO-OP Dayton and a celebration of the movement for a new food market. There’s live music, poetry, food, raffles, and games! It’s at the Yellow Cab Tavern, tonight, 6 to 11pm.

Osage Orange
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The Sun’s passage from Libra to Scorpio on Cross-Quarter Day October 23 opens the hinge of Middle Autumn and initiates the most dramatic period of leaf fall. Throughout this final stage of the natural year, the landscape becomes fully primed for the new signs and seasons to come.

As the days shorten, the effects of the weakening sun are easily seen in the collapse of almost all the foliage. Smaller changes also offer measure of Scorpio. The low trills of the field crickets become slow, then rare.

fall leaves
Jay Joslin / Flickr Creative Commons

The canopy of leaves appeared solid throughout the hot summer, its entire nature dense and uniform, its shade thick and deep. Within a few days, that canopy will shatter deep into the jug of autumn. That jug, that earthen container takes it all.

Everything from the whole year past goes into the jug of October. Events and objects get mixed up in the tumble. The smooth wall of June is torn apart. The heat of July and August is filtered and cooled. All of the long green horizon crumbles.

The best sense of what we are in this place dissolves.

Cedar Bog Nature Preserve in Urbana

If you go up north to the Cedar Bog there is a non-scary night walk on the boardwalk called Boo in the Bog. It’s a non-scary night walk with learning stations along the way. Enjoy children's activities, face painting, storytelling and food. You can go there tonight and Saturday 7 to 9pm.