winter solstice moon
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The gibbous Flowering Jessamine Moon waxes until it becomes full on December 22. After that, it wanes throughout the remainder of the week, reaching perigee (its most powerful position closest to Earth) on December 24.

This week’s lunar position, coinciding with two major December high-pressure systems increases the likelihood for deep cold and precipitation throughout the country.

And his week every single day is the shortest day of the year, as the night’s advance finally stagnates for solstice, December 21.

beeswax candles
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Dayton Contemporary Dance Company brings the classic children's book, The Littlest Angel, to life. Enjoy an evening of stunning dance, music and holiday magic. This is at the University of Dayton - Kennedy Union Theatre; tonight at 7:30pm; and Saturday, at 3 and 7:30pm.

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As Early Winter deepens, my fantasy looks past the cold into the ladder of time toward Early Spring.  My fantasies climb the ladder, counting

One week remains before the Sun starts to climb just a little toward equinox.

Two weeks before the arrival of Deep Winter and the coldest days of the year.

Three weeks before aphelion, the Earth’s position farthest from the Sun.

Four weeks until owls and foxes mate.

Five weeks until the tufted titmouse begins its mating calls and pines start to pollinate

Six weeks until the traditional January Thaw

The Dayton Gay Men's Chorus is performing this Saturday.

The Glen Helen Solstice and Holiday Poetry Reading event is an evening of original poetry in a warm, natural setting. Twelve scheduled poets from Southwest Ohio will share original poems based on the winter solstice. This is in the Vernet Ecological Center, 405 Corry Street, in Yellow Springs, Friday 7 to 9pm.

Jessamine flower
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The Starling Murmuration Moon becomes the new Flowering Jessamine Moon at 2:20 a.m. on December 7. Although Jessamine does not flower in northern states during the winter, its appearance in the South opens the long encroachment of new life against the frozen barrier of winter.

The Bach Society of Dayton presents Sweet Sounds of the Holidays on Sunday.

The Mayflower Arts Center Mosaic Radio Theatre is LIVE! They host a 2-hour radio vaudeville show featuring a mosaic of drama, mystery, acoustic music, comedy, on-the-spot interviews, commercial jingle, and yes...sound effects! This is in the historic 1928 Mayflower Theatre—in the heart of vibrant downtown Troy, tonight at 7pm.

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The Starling Murmuration Moon wanes into its final phase and darkens throughout the first days of December.  Sunset reaches its earliest time of the year by the weekend, and remains at that setting time until the end of December’s second week.

On my walk at the end of Late Fall, with Sun and Moon both waning, I see the heads of thimble plants have come undone.  All the stubborn pear and beech and Osage leaves are down. At the river’s edge, the water is rippled blue, black, green, and brown, bare tree branches tangled in reflections. 

The Dayton Holiday Festival kicks off this weekend.

The Dayton Holiday Festival returns to downtown Dayton beginning today with the Grande Illumination and the Dayton Children's Parade Spectacular in Lights! The fun kicks off at 4pm and things are going on to 9 pm. All sorts of events and activities continues throughout December.

And the MetroParks Ice Rink also officially opens today. This ice rink has beautiful views of the scenic Great Miami River in downtown Dayton and is the region's largest outdoor ice skating rink.

lavender clouds in the fall
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The sun was bright all morning, and then wispy “mare’s tails” cirrus clouds filtered the sunlight and cooled the midday. Late Fall was due, with wind and rain. At about one o’clock, I looked into the back yard and saw one male goldfinch, half-gold, sitting alone on the perch of the finch feeder. The usual sparrows and chickadees were nowhere around.

Dayton's McPherson Town Neighborhood will host its annual holiday tour November 23 and 24.

The annual Thanksgiving Night Market lets you stock up for gatherings of family and friends and provides spices or spreads for parties and getting started on some early gift shopping. This is your perfect chance to find one-of-a-kind handmade goods from right here in Dayton! It’s at the Old Yellow Cab at 700 East 4th Street, today 5-10pm.

The beloved TV classic RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER soars off the screen and on to the stage at The Schuster tonight and Saturday.