Front Street

Check out the artists in the ARTery gallery. They redirect their focus and energy into creating new art helping create a sense of calm and peace.

The Kettering Rosewood Gallery has Art From Home with new art activities that can be done from your home. Making art is more important than ever and studies show that taking time to be creative has a host of benefits for both adults and children including reducing stress and boosting your mood.

City of Kettering Rosewood Art Gallery

The City of Kettering Rosewood Gallery has Art From Home featuring new art activities that can be done from the comfort and safety of your own house. Making art is more important than ever right now. Studies have shown that taking time to be creative has a host of benefits for both adults and children including reducing stress and boosting mood.

The Contemporary Dayton

May is National Bike Month and Five Rivers MetroParks is hosting the Virtual Bike Month. It includes video bike clinics and tours, weekly rides, Bingo, challenges and more all month.

This evening The Contemporary Dayton are presenting an exclusive online exhibition at 5pm featuring a sculptor, a printmaker, and a painter. 

COMMENTARY: COVID-19 And The Sociological Imagination

May 4, 2020
Thomas Hawk / Flickr Creative Commons

The Southwest Ohio Council on Higher Education estimates that more than 90 percent of the Miami Valley’s college students switched to online learning in early March. That means that approximately 135,000 students are not in the classrooms of local colleges and universities. Danielle Rhubart is a lecturer at the University of Dayton.  She’s teaching 140 students this semester, and she’s noticed a lot about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting them.

Northern Watersnake
Andrew DuBois / Flickr Creative Commons

Since you are outside and walking, you are seeing so much more of our wildlife. And with the warming weather, snakes are also coming out. Springtime usually brings an increase in snake sightings, and Ohio is home to about 33 species of snakes. If you want to learn more about this, go to the Ohio History website where you will find a Springtime Snake ID.

PNC Arts Annex
Dayton Live

While all the theaters may be closed and the stages may be empty, there are still ways that you can enjoy Opera, Ballet, and Philharmonic from the comfort of your own home! You click on their images and find out ways you can engage with them until all can be together in the theater once again! Go to: daytonperformingarts.org/at-home

Model airplanes helped sparked a lifelong love of aviation for Dan Patterson.
Dan Patterson

WYSO’s aviation commentator Dan Patterson has had some time on his hands lately like many of us. And he’s used the extra hours of isolation to return to a childhood hobby – the one that got him interested in aviation in the first place.



Many wildflowers are blooming at Aullwood Garden, Wegerzyn Gardens, Cox Arboretum, and Germantown MetroParks, and you likely will find these in your neighborhood and other outdoor spaces as well. This would be great to see as you are getting your outside exercise.

The Dayton Artist Stream Facebook page provides a space for local artists to share their creations—from musical performances and poetry readings to visual art demonstrations.

Tony Alter / Flickr Creative Commons

Here on the cusp of April, one might use any number of seasonal markers to imagine the progress of Middle Spring. Beginning with daffodils today in the Ohio Valley, a person could, for instance, say that the road to May was really the road south past fresh honeysuckle leaves, dandelion blossoms, and forsythia flowers, past the blossoming pear trees, redbuds, and crab apple trees of the Carolinas, then the open dogwoods of Georgia, and ending finally with azaleas in New Orleans.

katesheets / Flickr Creative Commons

We are all at home and wondering about the stimulus check…mine will be a direct deposit but I have no idea when or how much.

If you find some cemeteries that are open you can get exrcise and look at the flowers and gravestones. 

Since our television has several channels that are streaming I’ve been doing the “search” option on each one and have found all kind of shows, or films, or lessons about so many things. AND I keep playing around with the search…sometimes picking a particular name, or a noun or a title.