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Kyle Melton, Jay Madewell and Shaine Sullivan at South Park Tavern wanted something more from the typical Open Mic night. They were looking for an all-inclusive event breaking the mold of the traditional one man with a guitar on stage. Essentially, they were looking to create the ultimate live jam session. Thus, the Rock n' Roll Play Date was devised. In this interview, Juliet Fromholt talks to Melton, Madewell, and Sullivan about the origins of the unusual Rock n' Roll Play Date.

Conrad's Corner: July 14, 2010

Jul 14, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads Robert Brimm's poem, "Reunion."

Singer-Songwriter Meg Cavanaugh performed at the Songwriters Showcase at Canal Street Tavern with fellow Dayton-area natives Tod Weidner (Shrug, The Floods) and Chris Montgomery. Niki Dakota spoke with Cavanaugh the day of her performance about her new album, life in the UK, and how it feels to be back home.

Conrad's Corner: July 12, 2010

Jul 12, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads Lianne Spidel's poem, "Mustachio."

Bella Ruse arrived at the WYSO studios with a guitar and an organ in a suitcase. In an interview with Niki Dakota, Kay Gillette (vocals, keys) and Joseph Barker (guitar) explain their affection for the suitcase organ and other unusual instruments like a kazoo shaped like a trumpet.

The Minneapolis duo formed in Febraury of 2009 and spent the rest of that year releasing three EPs and touring the Midwest and West coast. Bella Ruse just set out on their latest Midwestern tour and plans to release their first full length album this fall.

Conrad's Corner: July 7, 2010

Jul 7, 2010

Julie Moore reads Maureen Fry's poem, "Men At Work."

Conrad's Corner: July 5, 2010

Jul 5, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads Mary Jo White's poem, "Solstice."


WYSO has been a home to local musicians and live music for most of its fifty plus years. In 1971 Tom Duffee came to the radio station with his brothers Dan and Jim and started a program that's still part of our line-up called Rise When the Rooster Crows.

A few years later, The Corndrinkers was born – with Tom on banjo and vocals, Linda Scott and Barb Kuhn on fiddles, Doug Smith on guitar and Al Turbull on bass. Their music keeps an American tradition alive.

Conrad's Corner: July 3, 2010

Jul 3, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads Terry Hermsen's poem, "Another Fourth."

Conrad's Corner: July 2, 2010

Jul 2, 2010

Conrad Balliet reads Maxine Skuba's poem, "Ripening Fruit."