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Sam Amidon onstage
Nathan West / via https://www.facebook.com/SamAmidonMusic/

Sam Amidon will travel from his home near London to perform at the historic Holland Theatre in Bellefontaine.  WYSO Music Director Niki Dakota spoke with Amidon ahead of his visit to Ohio about his latest album The Following Mountain (Nonesuch), his travels and more.

Sam Amidon will perform at Holland Theatre in Bellfontaine on Thursday, September 27. Learn more at: http://thehollandtheatre.org/

Peter Blauner returned to the program to discuss his second book in a series that features an NYPD detective named Lourdes Robles. Robles is an unlikely law officer, she has had a difficult past, her father is serving time in prison. Fortunately for Lourdes she has had a great mentor named Sully who we met in the first book "Proving Ground." Sully is retired now but Lourdes has maintained that relationship and as this book reaches a stunning conclusion Sully is very much involved in the ultimate result.

Conrad's Corner: September 21, 2018

Sep 21, 2018

Cathy Essinger reads her poem, "Cooking Soba in Ohio."

Feeling lucky? We'll be celebrating BOTH KINDS OF LUCK- plenty of tunes about both fortune and misfortune from everyone from Dinah Washington to D.O.A. Until then: may all the dice be your cousins and the all the dolls agreeable, with nice teeth and no last names.

Scarecrow Sideshow

South Charleston based Scarecrow Sideshow returned to the WYSO studios ahead of the release of their second album, An Exit Strategy. The band performed live on Kaleidoscope and talked with host Juliet Fromholt about writing and recording the album, honing their sound, and more.

Scarecrow Sideshow will celebrate the release of An Exit Strategy on Friday, September 28 at Peach's Grill in Yellow Springs.  More information at: https://www.facebook.com/events/684160658619368/


The Blue Leaf's returned to the WYSO studio for a live set on Kaleidoscope. The band talked with host Juliet Fromholt about their summer performances, upcoming gigs, and their evolving sound.

The Blue Leaf's will perform at the Greene on September 28 and at the Tipp City Mum Festival on September 30. Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/theblueleafs/

Senior Voices: Sarah Campbell

Sep 19, 2018
Sarah Campbell
Senior Voices

This week on Senior Voices, Sarah Campbell shares fond memories of growing up in East Dayton. She had an absolute love of reading, and fresh homemade bread. She shared her story with Dayton Metro Library volunteer interviewer, Diane Root.


Sarah Campbell: Well, when I was born my parents lived on a street called Irwin, which is one of the older brick streets in the city of Dayton. In 1942, with my grandmother -- or early ‘43 -- they moved on to Harbine, which is a block away.

In 2002 I had a very special guest come out to our studios in Yellow Springs to see me. Kathi Kamen Goldmark had been to Yellow Springs many times before. She was a graduate of Antioch College. On this particular occasion she came here for only one reason, to do this interview live in our WYSO studios.

Conrad's Corner: September 17, 2018

Sep 17, 2018

Myrna Stone reads her poem, "Once Upon a Time."


Shuly Cawood returned to the program to share some of her poetry. You might recall that last year Shuly visited The Book Nook to discuss her memoir "The Going and Goodbye."

Following the recent death of WYSO's longtime poetic professor Conrad Balliet I hoped to offer an homage to him with some poetry and Shuly was the first poet that came to my mind. Shuly's poetry is beautiful. I hope you enjoy it.