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"The planes were blowing up and we wanted to get the hell out of there."

Jerry Kenney

The Allied invasion on D-day began on the night of June 5th when airborne divisions were air-dropped behind enemy lines. Host Jerry Kenney brings you this story and the latest features from WYSO producers and interviews from around the Miami Valley.

The Gas Station Expansion Trend: Ohio has become the expansion grounds for a number of large, chain gas stations such as Sheetz, WaWa, and Buc-ees. The Buc-ees will be one of the largest in the nation. It will boast 120 gas pumps and a 74,000 square foot store full of its famous food and souvenirs. In the Dayton region alone, at least 20 stations like Sheetz have been built recently, or are proposed in the coming years. But that station and several of the other big developments come with a cost as they use farm land or other open space to build on, potentially contributing to increased traffic and pollution. WYSO’s Shay Frank digs into why Ohio is seeing these large-scale stations and what they bring with them.

A Human Rights City: One community group wants the city of Dayton to take the lead by becoming Ohio’s first Human Rights City. WYSO Kathryn Mobley explains it’s eagerly waiting for city leaders to act on a resolution it agreed to last December.

The Wyso Race Project:The WYSO Race Project invites people from the Miami Valley to talk about their life experiences through the prism of skin color. These conversations can be difficult and controversial. But they can also build understanding and healing. Today, we hear from Ella Santos and Stephanie Pearce.

Criminal Justice Conversations: We’ve all made mistakes, missed the target—made choices that resulted in negative consequences. And we all appreciate a ‘do over’. Recently, Truth Garrett wrote an editorial in the Dayton Daily News critiquing the idea of second chances for system-impacted people. Garrett is a WYSO Community Voices Producer.He spoke with fellow Comvox producer Mary Evans about this topic. Here is a snippet of their interview.

WYSO Aviation Commentary: The allied armies of the USA, Britain, Canada, and France were about to invade Nazi-occupied Europe eighty years ago. That seaborne invasion on June 6, 1944, is known as D-day, but the invasion began on the night of June 5th when airborne divisions were air-dropped behind enemy lines. WYSO Community Voices Producer and local aviation commentator Dan Patterson has this.

Our Weekly Walk On The Wild Side: Our program wraps today with Bird Note and Bill Felker’s Poor Will’s Almanack.

Jerry began volunteering at WYSO in 1991 and hosting Sunday night's Alpha Rhythms in 1992. He joined the YSO staff in 2007 as Morning Edition Host, then All Things Considered. He's hosted Sunday morning's WYSO Weekend since 2008 and produced several radio dramas and specials . In 2009 Jerry received the Best Feature award from Public Radio News Directors Inc., and was named the 2023 winner of the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors Best Anchor/News Host award. His current, heart-felt projects include the occasional series Bulletin Board Diaries, which focuses on local, old-school advertisers and small business owners. He has also returned as the co-host Alpha Rhythms.<br/>