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After incarceration: How do we deal with these men and these women when they come home, how did the children deal with their parents?

Jerry Kenney

Conversations around criminal justice in this edition of WYSO Weekend. Host Jerry Kenney brings you the latest features from WYSO producers and interviews from around the Miami Valley.

Yellow Springs Hardware: In downtown Yellow Springs, there’s a hardware store. The management hosts gardening lessons. They’re also hosting blues concerts and improv comedy. Growing its popularity in the village as an unexpected gathering place. WYSO’s Jason Reynolds says this kind of creativity is now a necessity for many small businesses…

DOUGLAS WORLD CRUISE: 2024 is the 100th anniversary of the US Army’s first “Around the World” Flight. WYSO Community Voices Producer and local aviation commentator Dan Patterson says some preparation for that flight happened here in the Miami Valley at McCook Field.

Criminal Justice Conversations: Chazidy Robinson’s journey into criminal justice reform began in 2018. As the spouse of an incarcerated person, she saw what her then-husband went through. Robinson is now a researcher. She’s advocating for there to be a formal diagnosis for his struggle – one that he and many other system-impacted people go through. The name is post-incarceration syndrome. The term refers to a wide range of difficulties that can arise after being imprisoned. This can include anything from post-traumatic stress, to depression and anxiety, to relationship issues, and more. Robinson, who is executive director of the SOAR 4031 Foundation, sat down with ComVox Producer Mary Evans to share more.

Made In Ohio: Today from the Ohio Newsroom takes you around the state, connecting you with news and neighbors from all over Ohio. This month, they’re celebrating “Made in Ohio May” — the products, art and ideas born in the Buckeye State.

Our Weekly Walk On The Wild Side: Our program wraps today with Bird Note and Bill Felker’s Poor Will’s Almanack.

Jerry began volunteering at WYSO in 1991 and hosting Sunday night's Alpha Rhythms in 1992. He joined the YSO staff in 2007 as Morning Edition Host, then All Things Considered. He's hosted Sunday morning's WYSO Weekend since 2008 and produced several radio dramas and specials . In 2009 Jerry received the Best Feature award from Public Radio News Directors Inc., and was named the 2023 winner of the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors Best Anchor/News Host award. His current, heart-felt projects include the occasional series Bulletin Board Diaries, which focuses on local, old-school advertisers and small business owners. He has also returned as the co-host Alpha Rhythms.<br/>