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WYSO Weekend: March 17, 2019

WYSO Weekend

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:


On February 26, 2019, Toledo residents had the chance to vote on an unusual, some might even say “radical,” proposal: whether or not to give the fourth largest lake in the U.S., its own “Bill of Rights.”  From OPR member station WCPN, Adrian Ma explains how the idea came about, and why some people in Ohio’s business and agriculture communities are worried.


Some Ohio legislators have been trying for years to add sexual orientation and gender identity or expression into the state’s anti-discrimination law. The bill known as the “Ohio Fairness Act” would make those additions a protected class in employment, housing and other public accommodations. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.


In this week’s YSO Curious, we passed on a listener-question to one of our Community Voices Producers, Renee Wilde. Jeff Wilson of Vandalia told us he’d seen a photo in the Wright Brothers Museum of a curious geological formation called The Pinnacles, and he wanted to know more about this Dayton Landmark.


Recently, on our Wednesday night program, Kaleidoscope, host Juliet Fromholt featured the talents of Springfield's The American Landscape.  The band talked about writing and recording their forthcoming album, upcoming shows, and more. And they played for us live. Check it out...... and catch the full interview on the Kaleidoscope page at WYSO.org. You can catch them at Mother Stewart's in Springfield on March 22, and at the Yellow Cab in downtown Dayton on April 12. Learn more about them on their facebook page under TheAmericanLandscapeBand.


Today on Dayton Youth Radio we have the first story from a new class at Stivers School of the Arts. It’s from a teenager, who’s a poet and performance artist. This student has a lot to say....and she wants you to listen.


Bill Felker wraps up the program with Poor WIll's Almanack.


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Jerry Kenney was introduced to WYSO by a friend and within a year of first tuning in became an avid listener and supporter. He began volunteering at the station in 1991 and began hosting Alpha Rhythms in February of 1992. Jerry joined the WYSO staff in 2007 as a host of All Things Considered and soon transitioned into hosting Morning Edition. In addition to now hosting All Things Considered, Jerry is the host and producer of WYSO Weekend, WYSO's weekly news and arts magazine. He has also produced several radio dramas for WYSO in collaboration with local theater companies. Jerry has won several Ohio AP awards as well as an award from PRINDI for his work with the WYSO news department. Jerry says that the best part of his job is being able to talk to people in the community and share their experiences with WYSO listeners.