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WYSO Weekend: October11, 2015

WYSO Weekend

Today’s WYSO Weekend is all about people – people persevering in their own lives and people changing the lives of others.  Some have made their mark on history and some are still making their mark today.  Just ahead, you’ll meet the latest inductees into the Dayton Region's Walk of Fame and hear their stories. We also have commentaries this week from Dan Patterson and Bob Brecha. Up front, our final TEDxDayton Speaker, David Gasper. See program details below.

  • We’ve been introducing you to some of the speakers at this year’s TEDxDayton conference in the last few episodes. It takes place October 16th at the Victoria Theatre, and is already a sold-out event. Today you’ll meet David Gasper. He’s a serial software entrepreneur with a  bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA) from Wright State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.  Ernst and Young named him “1998 Dayton’s Entrepreneur of the Year” in the high tech category). Here’s David to tell us a little bit more about himself and what he’ll talk to TEDxDayton audiences about.
  • Next we meet the latest inductees into the Dayton Region's Walk of Fame. In this segment, you'll meet: Eugene "Snooky" Young, Jr., a career trumpet player who among other places, played for the Doc Severinsen Band on the Tonight Show and has been named an Arts Jazz Master.; Jerry Sharkey, a teacher and leader who facilitated the establishment of a Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park..; Zoe Dell Nutter, who was a leading force toward having Dayton celebrate itself as the birth place of aviation.  She also helped design a manifold to improve small plane power.; Robert Schul, the only American to date to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the 5000 meter race.; and Keith Harrison,  a songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist who played in several well known bands including the 70's group "Heatwave."   
  • Seventy years ago, Americans were celebrating the end of the Second World War and beginning the much ­anticipated return to normal life, but normal had changed. Men who had gone to war expected to return to jobs and families – but while they were away, the homefront, as it was known, had changed. Aviation commentator Dan Patterson has a local story for us today: Dan Patterson is an aviation historian and photographer. You can see a portrait he made of CaroBosca on our website, wyso dot org.
  • Sustainability has become a buzzword over the past few years, but the Miami Valley has a tradition of at least a century of sustainable thinking. During this week’s sustainability commentary, University of Dayton professor Bob Brecha ties the work of Arthur Morgan and the Miami Conservancy District to our modern concept of sustainability. Bob Brecha is a professor of Physics and Renewable and Clean Energy at the University of Dayton. He is Research Director of UD's Hanley Sustainability Institute. For more stories and commentaries, visit our website, WYSO dot org.

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